My conure is in extreme nesting mode. Will getting a boy conure for her make her not a pet anymore?

I have heard that once you make a parrot into a broody bird, they aren’t pets anymore. My conure has been trying to make a nest out of everything lately, making her breeding sound every time you pet her, and loving male humans in our house that she hated before!
1 – What are the ups and downs of breeding parrots?
2 – Is what I heard about mommy conures true and, if so, – After she had babies and was done being mommy, would she become a Cute Pet again?
3 – Do first time mommy conures usually know how to raise their babies by themselves, or do they need the chicks taken away and hand raised?
Thank you!

I have 3 Sun Conures & have had the male 12 years & the hens 6 years. The "girls" aren’t aggressive but I’m terrified of the male. He’s also in nesting mode & will fly at me with beak open ready to do battle with lots of blood. This will pass (if I survive) and all 3 will go back to being sweet birds. Mom’s know how to take care of babies, but you might want to get "baby bird formula" and a small syringe just in case. This only applies if you have a male. Follow the directions EXACTLY. If you don’t have a male, she will probably just lay eggs, but don’t take them for about 20 days or she will keep laying.

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Dog Clothes Patterns

pet cloth Petite Puppy Patterns – Easy to sew dog clothing patterns. Adorable patterns that even the beginner can make, with easy to follow, detailed instructions. You love the versatility of our patterns.

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Pet Obesity discussed by Kelly Lewis of barkTV. (fat dog health)

pet health Pet Obesity discussed by Kelly Lewis of barkTV. (fat dog health, lose weight loss). Kelly is a mobile groomer from Raleigh (apex) NC.

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Review on Small Pet Select Timothy Hay :)

small pet Will be added soon!
(Sorry no HD, It would take FOREVER to upload!)
Smallpetselect’s website:
Main Channel:

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Exotic pet store – Ottawa (Pet Circus)

exotic pet In this video I show you my local pet store in Ottawa. I have wanted to make a video on their store for quite some time now but just never had time to visit the store. They are the friendliest pet store in Ottawa that I know, take great care of their pets, have a good selection of animals and supplies, even exotics which is sometimes hard to find locally. While the store might be small it is definitely worth checking out if you live in Ottawa. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.

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Our Cute Pet Rabbit (^_^)

cute pet I just made a video because our pet is so so cute she is just 1 and half months
her name is PANKY

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Unique small pets that are easy to find?

I want a unique Small Pet that I can actually find. Hedgehogs and gerbils are some examples. I want something relatively easy to care for. I cannot have ground squirrels or prairie dogs because I live in New Jersey.

Hedgehogs are not all that easy to find.
How about a guinea pig, rabbit, or degu.

Check your local animal shelter to see what they have for adoption.

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Boutique Dog Clothes from Annies Dog Bakery and a visit from Maggie the pug

pet cloth Go to to find a unique assortment of pet clothing with character. Thanx again to Maggie the pooch for her special appearance.

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Setting Health Goals – Pet Fit Tips

pet health Fitness Ideas for You & Your Pet! — Setting Your Health Goals
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Here’s what you’ll need;

Weight yourself then grab your computer. Search for a BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator to find out a healthy weight range for your height.

How to weigh your pet
Stand on the scale while holding your pet.
You + Your Pet — You = Your Pet’s weight

If your dog is too large to hold visit your veterinary office to get a current weight!

Search online for a Body Condition Score for your pet. This easier chart will help you know if your dog is over weight or under weight.

Now set yourself health goals and performance goals! Keep yourself organized by planning them in a calendar. 10-20 minutes a day of exercise will make you feel so much better and you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction!

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Host: Rebecca-Louise
Associate Producer: Faris Jaclyn
Segment Producer: Gabe Evans

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Small Pet Select: Timothy Hay Review!

small pet I hope you enjoyed this review on Small Pet Select Timothy hay! I encourage you to check out their website and buy some hay!

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