What is the least smelling small pet such as a hamster?

i wanna get a Small Pet like a hamster. i am gonna clean it every week but i dont want the pet to be really dirty so that even after i clean its cage and everything i would worry about it getting really messy soon and smelly. any suggestions?


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  1. Brittany D says:

    Guinea pigs arent that smelly unless their living environment is dirty so you can go for one of them :)
    Plus they rarely need to bathe, i have heard of some people never washing their pigs (i personally do)
    but yeah and their smell isnt even that bad.. i actually like it
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  2. Roco says:

    A female rat, that don’t stink at all

    unless you don’t clean the cage
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  3. mysterywoman101 says:

    rabbits dont smell at all as long as you give them fresh bedding every second day and clean their cage weekly
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  4. Rachel says:

    Hamsters and gerbils have little to no smell. Female rats and mice have little smell. Male rats and mice sometimes can get a LITTLE stinky although it personally doesn’t bother me. But if your looking for something small I’d go with a gerbil or hamster.
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  5. Have Compassion says:

    Hamsters are not that messy or smelly. All you have to do is change their bedding. After more than 2-3 weeks of not cleaning their cage, is when it gets too dirty, but generally there is practically no odor from their cage or them. Hamsters are great pets and very low maintenance. You really don’t have to worry, just clean the cage every 1-2 weeks or when it starts getting dirty and make sure the hamster(s) have food and water. My hamsters used to love running on their wheel and I would get them hamster treats. They are long blocks sort of like a thick stick, and they are made up of seeds, nuts and all types of things to eat. My hamsters loved them.

    Get hamster(s), they are great pets.
    Because of breeding cruelty (even with hamsters) it is better to get a pet from an animal shelter, the pound, or a private owned pet shop. Go to a local pet shop and make sure they buy from humane breeders.
    What ever pet you get, take care of them, love them, and treat them well. Best wishes.
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    I’ve had two wonderful hamsters.

  6. SiAN says:

    Rabbits are extremely clean. They have no smell. Also they can be litter trained really easily – they naturally like to go to the toilet in the same place so you put a litter box there and change it daily and so happy buns and happy you. Also they are just really cute. If you get a bunny don’t go to a pet shop – adopt one from an animal shelter.
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  7. Just Me says:

    even if u have a male that marks his territoy, you can never smell it.
    If you can smell a rat, it is because you do not keep it’s cage clean enough.
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  8. Erica C says:

    I have a female rat and the cage never smells at all after 1 week, or even 2. I also use a littler called "carefresh" which is VERY good at absorbing odors. I keep her tank in our room and I never notice any smell. No matter what pet u chose i do reccommend that litter, its biodegradable and really reduces odor. no, i don’t work for carefresh, my bf worked at PetCo.
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  9. !Gerbil Lover! says:

    Gerbil, they are everything you asked for.
    Because they dont drink as much they don’t pee as much and the less they pee the less you have to clean.
    Gerbils MUST have a friend, either get 2 females or 2 males.
    Unlike Hamsters, Gerbils aren’t noturnal. Trust me it is SO annoying when hamsters are up all night. If you take their wheel out they will find something else to do, they might chew everything! Gerbils are very fun to watch during the day, they run around and play during the day, and sleep peacefully during the night.
    Hope that helped!
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  10. Gizmo says:

    Gerbils are desert animals, this means that they eat and drink very little, therefore they produce very little waste.

    Depending on how big their habitat is, you rarely have to clean them out more than once every two weeks, even then there isn’t much waste. I tend to do a daily spot clean to remove bits of food etc which prolongs the life of the bedding.

    They do not smell whatsoever. If you regularly remove any "old" food, then there will be virtually no smell at all.

    All in all, Gerbils are amazing animals and are perfect pets! I would encourage anyone who wants a rodent as a pet to get a pair of Gerbils.

    If you need any advice regarding Gerbils do not hesitate to email me!
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  11. Hannah B says:

    I think hamsters are your best bet. They only go to the toilet in one corner of the cage usually and can even be trained to use a little litter tray! I cirrently have some very clean roborovski hamsters.

    Gerbils, mice and rats are a bit more smelly but not much.

    Guinea pigs have odorless urine but poop ALOT and not just in one place but EVERWHERE.
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    owned lots of different rodents over the years

  12. balletpassion5117 says:

    all animals smell if you don’t take care of them. i have a hamster. he does not stink. his cage might if you forget to clean it but it all depends on how well you take care of the pet. they even have odor fighting shavings for the cage in pet stores.
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  13. αиιмαl Fαи16 says:

    Gerbils. because even though they are nocturnal and do not sleep at night. Theyre pee doesnt have a scent.
    Unlike rats,hamsters,guinea pigs, and rabbits that all have really bad smelling pee. The Gerbil rele doesnt have any scent to its pee.
    :) Hope i helped
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    I know from experience

  14. Igwig Razorboo Wolf says:

    Rats produce an oil in their coats that smells pleasantly of popcorn! Not only do rats not smell bad if cleaned out properly they actually smell nice! How great is that?!

    If you were to keep a pair of female (males also produce the oil but they can be a little smellier than girls) rats in a decent sized cage where there was at least 2 cubic feet of space per rat, gave their whole cage and accessories a proper clean out once a week, whilst taking out any droppings, wet patches and wiping up any urine everyday I assure you your rats will only smell gorgeous! Rats also make intelligent,loving and playful pets, responding to their names and constantly washing themselves to keep up their smell-free appearance. If you’re interested in rats, you have to be sure you have a good space to put their cage and are able to handle them for at least an hour everyday – you should visit some rat keepers and read some good books before you make a commitment.

    And save animal’s lives! Whatever small pet you choose, please consider adoption over buying!
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    I’m an RSPCA volunteer, specializing in rats

  15. jk9rumer says:

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