Small Pet Select: Timothy Hay Review!

small pet I hope you enjoyed this review on Small Pet Select Timothy hay! I encourage you to check out their website and buy some hay!

Duration : 0:2:52

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25 Responses to Small Pet Select: Timothy Hay Review!

  1. thehairstylingblog says:

    Oh. Well thank you. …
    Oh. Well thank you. Did you finish this hay box yet?

  2. 101rabbits says:

    Idk…. They just …
    Idk…. They just sent it to me.

  3. thehairstylingblog says:

    What size did you …
    What size did you get? 8 lbs or 4.5 lbs?

  4. Christalynnwilliams says:

    That is actually …
    That is actually false, A lot of feed stores have very good quality hay. Some people feel the more they pay the better product they receive, Do your research on ingredient’s, your “Cheap” feed and the pet store stuff is the same. People dislike your comment because people think the more they spend the better it is and because they are Rabbit101 “Fan boys”

  5. 101rabbits says:

    I buy toys from …
    I buy toys from BinkyBunny. com and I mostly have all the supplies already so that is pretty much all I tend to buy

  6. Ana lovesyah says:

    heyy i wanted to …
    heyy i wanted to ask what website or store do u get ur rabbit things ??plz answer

  7. JJ Miro says:

    So you mean if hay …
    So you mean if hay isn’t fresh its not healthy for your rabbit? I used to buy the ones from pet stores in the bad, but now we buy timothy hay that’s in a big bale. Which ones better for rabbits? PS. the huge bale of hay is from a farm

  8. Jura San says:

    They don’t have any …
    They don’t have any sample hay. I’m not going to spend money on something that might not be fresh or leefy.

  9. SilverwareSoftware says:

    Can you please tell …
    Can you please tell us what size box (weight) was shown in the video.  Thanks!

  10. Sugarburs says:

    @Major Lynn …
    @Major Lynn alfalfa hay is suggested on pregnant, nursing and babies under a year, watch the weight on your rabbits I’d say.

  11. Sugarburs says:

    @Lean O hay is very …
    @Lean O hay is very important in the diet, you don’t have to feed Timothy hay though because there are other types of hay like blue grass an orchard, but yes you NEED hay! My only reason for not getting my Timothy hay in the future is I’m highly allergic to it..

  12. Milly Bunny says:

    Do you have to …
    Do you have to feed a rabbit Timothy hay?

  13. Shawnshawna says:

    The website gives …
    The website gives you different amounts you can order-what amount was it in this video?

  14. Major Lynn says:

    None of my rabbits …
    None of my rabbits like that hay! My rabbits love alfalfa hay and its very healthy pluse cheaper than your hay!

  15. horseygurl606 says:

    I am oviously not …
    I am oviously not 101rabbits but rabbits by nature do not like to be held! but sometimes you have to do it to put them in there cage wich i have to also. I found that covering there eyes or turning them away from the cage as you put them in as in BUTT FIRST helps to and

  16. 101rabbits says:

    but that hay isn’t …
    but that hay isn’t very fresh and heathy for your rabbit.

  17. Sn00kyCr00ksWorld says:


  18. Sonya Heinrich says:

    Haha, are you …
    Haha, are you interested in graphic design? That’s what I went to college for and whenever I see cool packaging or a great logo design, I sometimes base whether or not I buy the product off that lol. You just reminded me of me ;) (That’s also why I bought Oxbow instead of Katee pellets the first time too, before I discovered that they’re much more healthy, haha!)

  19. Sky Wolfe says:

    How expensive is …
    How expensive is the hay?And how long did the order take?

  20. chelsy stephanie says:

    how much is the hay …
    how much is the hay


  21. missawsomechick says:

    Hi 101 rabbits!

    Hi 101 rabbits!
    Do you know how to get my rabbit from leaping out of my arms and into her cage? I’m scared she’s going to hurt her self.

  22. kittysnow15 says:

    I just searched on …
    I just searched on the internet and found out what kind of rabbit lulu is she’s a dutch ♥♥♥

  23. Kelsey S. says:

    Your video is on …
    Your video is on their website! :)

  24. Kelsey S. says:

    How much do your …
    How much do your bunnies weigh? :)

  25. cplova333 says:

    awww…you guys …
    awww…you guys only deliver to the us??

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