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  1. magicalgirl990 says:

    If you want to …
    If you want to know if you can keep two dwarf hamsets together the answer is yes. You just cannot house two Syrians or two Hamsters of different types (example: A Chinese Dwarf and a Russian Dwarf) as they will not get along.

  2. magicalgirl990 says:

    You could clean a …
    You could clean a cage with fleece every 2 – 3 days as well as spot cleaning and it shouldn’t smell as much. You can also keep a small cat litter box with aspen under the hay rack where they tend to go the most, and just change that every day. Those are the tips I have seen for keeping the smell to a minimum.

  3. jrobey17 says:

    What camera do you …
    What camera do you use?

  4. AllMyAGs4500 says:

    dwarf what?
    dwarf what?

  5. Pickles12807 says:

    Even with spot …
    Even with spot cleaning fleece everyday I still find that my guinea pigs do smell. They don’t smell as strong when they are on aspen, but it costs a lot more to change wood shavings all the time instead of using fleece. I change their cages completely, if I’m using fleece or aspen, once a week.

  6. HammiesandHugs says:

    Hi Pickles! I …
    Hi Pickles! I really want to get two guinea pigs when i move but my mom doesnt becasue she heard they “smell”. Do Polly and Peanut smell really bad with fleece? What do you do to make the odor go away? How often do you clean their cage?

  7. W3nX1N says:

    guinea pig i mean
    guinea pig i mean

  8. W3nX1N says:

    and Chinchillas
    and Chinchillas

  9. W3nX1N says:

    are you crazy?!?! …
    are you crazy?!?!hay is for guiea pig and rabbits

  10. TSTMwoop says:

    Hi just wondering …
    Hi just wondering is it okay for dwarfs..? thanks x

  11. MsDevilDawg says:

    I ordered a free …
    I ordered a free sample of this hay! I hope my rabbit likes it. :)

  12. CavyGirl16 says:

    Can you please do …
    Can you please do a video on your guinea pig cage/organization? Thanks! :)

  13. hammiehamstermazing says:

    I recently ordered …
    I recently ordered a sample from small pet select my guinea pigs loved it and it arrived fairly quick

  14. Pickles12807 says:

    I’ve never tried …
    I’ve never tried Kleenmamas, but I’ve heard great things about it. Small Pet Select has very cheap shipping though, so when you figure it out the price difference ends up being pretty small.

  15. 4LuvOfCavys says:

    But I would still …
    But I would still prefer kleenmamas since its so cheap for so much more hay

  16. 4LuvOfCavys says:

    The hay looks good …
    The hay looks good but I still

  17. davzkobz10ddogz says:

    i agree
    i agree

  18. swimmer507 says:

    can you please …
    can you please make a video on your hamster or guinea pig organizaton??? thanks!! loved the video!!!!

  19. A Lee says:


  20. Sam Ruby says:


  21. LetsTalkPetz says:

    Can u do a video on …
    Can u do a video on ur animal organization please ??? Thanks ;)

  22. robohammys says:

    i also like ur …
    i also like ur videos can you do more about hamsters

  23. XxAnastasiaFairyxX says:

    Now I need to …
    Now I need to watch the video…

  24. XxAnastasiaFairyxX says:


  25. KamiAndAvery says:

    First comment. …
    First comment. Subbed i love your channel! Ive watched a loot of ur vids Please sub or watch my videos! I do video requests!

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