Small Pet Select Hay Review

small pet This is a review on Small Pet Select Timothy Hay for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Check out their website if you’re interested in learning more about their hay.

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25 Responses to Small Pet Select Hay Review

  1. SnowdropHedgie says:

    Thanks! I am glad …
    Thanks! I am glad that this video was helpful. My piggies really enjoyed it. If I didn’t have any local hay available (like during the fall of last year) I would definitely get this hay since they love it more than any other commercial pet store hay I’ve gotten for them. All brands of hay that I have bought at the pet store have been a huge flop with my boys. They just stare at me as if they were saying “Come on now, you really aren’t expecting me to eat this, are you?”. lol

  2. Suzi Alvarado says:

    I tried this hay …
    I tried this hay out after watching this video in December. It is really amazing quality and the price is amazing. There are not local places in my area to get good quality hay and all the hay at our pet stores where more brown than green. I am really glad you did this product review and you were completely honest and genuine about the hay.

  3. SnowdropHedgie says:

    I’m pretty sure …
    I’m pretty sure this was the 4.5 pound box. :)

  4. SnowdropHedgie says:

    Hmm, that’s a good …
    Hmm, that’s a good question. They seem to really love both of them the same and they’re both really good quality hay. I would choose my local one because it’s cheaper for me (if it’s available). However, if I don’t find any locally (as was the case last fall where no one had hay) I would definitely get this one since I know that they love it just as much as the local hay I get from the bunny rescue. :)

  5. sammysclay says:

    Also wondering …
    Also wondering what size box that was? Thanks

  6. sammysclay says:

    Hi! Just wondering …
    Hi! Just wondering if you prefer this hay or your local rabbit rescue hay? Thanks

  7. SnowdropHedgie says:

    I don’t think my …
    I don’t think my pairs of piggies would get along with each other if they were all together. I think there would be lots of dominance issues and more squabbles among them since they all have really big personalities. All of them would want to be the boss. Plus I really don’t have the space to make a really long cage. If I connected them as they are right now (top and bottom) I think the ramp would be way too steep so I would constantly worry about them hurting themselves.

  8. louie baby says:

    Hi snowdrophedgie I …
    Hi snowdrophedgie I was wondering why you wouldn’t connect the pigs together and the hedgie

  9. SnowdropHedgie says:

    It’s a company …
    It’s a company based in the US. I don’t think they ship to the UK yet as they are a small company that is just starting up. Maybe in the future, you never know.

  10. MinecraftJaffacakes says:

    Do they sell that …
    Do they sell that hay in the UK? xx

  11. MyBabyBudgies152 says:

    Thank you so much! …
    Thank you so much! I’m planning on getting some then.

  12. SnowdropHedgie says:

    Yes, I totally …
    Yes, I totally agree. Pet stores really steal your money with hay. Their price is ridiculous. How long it lasts depends on how much hay your pigs eat. My pigs tend to eat a lot more hay than other piggies I have seen. In my house with 4 pigs, 6 pounds would last about a week and 1/2 to 2 weeks. With only two pigs I think it would last m 3-4 weeks or so.

  13. MyBabyBudgies152 says:

    How long should a 6 …
    How long should a 6 lb flake of hay last for 2 pigs? I only have one but getting another and I always shopped at the petstore and just found out that I was being robbed! I get 1 lb of hay for $5.00 , but, at my local rabbit rescue, they sale 3 lbs of hay for 5.00! Do you know how much it would last?

  14. SnowdropHedgie says:

    Congrats on getting …
    Congrats on getting new piggies. I don’t specifically how long this brand of hay would last as my pigs demolished the box of hay in a week. However, hay usually lasts a loong time, months, as long as you keep it in a cool and dry location so that it doesn’t get moldy. I hope this helps! :)

  15. AnswerUsThis says:

    I don’t have my GP …
    I don’t have my GP yet but got a sample of the hay when I bought my cage and it’s really is green and seams to be very fresh. I’m sure to be buying this hay. My questing how long would it stay fresh and how long does it last? I’m going to have 2 female babies about 4-5 weeks old when I get them.

  16. SnowdropHedgie says:

    Awww, thanks so …
    Awww, thanks so much. I have 4 guinea pigs and I also foster an extra guinea pig every once in a while. So sometimes you may see 5 piggies in my videos. I want a rabbit as well but it will have to be in the future as I am currently at my personal limit of pets.

  17. winter glinski says:

    how many guinie …
    how many guinie pigs do you have they are adorable i want one but my bunny is fine u are lucky

  18. TheMegaMikiz says:

    Oh now i have one …
    Oh now i have one more thing to look forward to! Weee! :D

  19. PetPiggies28 says:

    I NEED to get that …
    I NEED to get that hay!!! My piggies are stuck on petstore hay!!

  20. SnowdropHedgie says:

    Yeah, quite a few …
    Yeah, quite a few people have asked me for that video. I think I will do it after the holidays. :)

  21. TheMegaMikiz says:

    Can you please do …
    Can you please do a video of cleaning you’re cage? :)

  22. SnowdropHedgie says:

    Hi, I actually …
    Hi, I actually bought those litter trays online from PiggyBedSpreads(dot)com. However, they are very easy to make, I bought one and then made the second for the other cage using the measurements from the first one. The tray is actually made of coroplast. Then the cover is just made with some fleece on the top, an absorbent layer in the middle, and a water proof layer on the bottom.

  23. kay heartspiggies says:

    They really …
    They really enjoyed it. Question :how do you make the litter tray under the water bottle

  24. SnowdropHedgie says:

    This is the 4.5 …
    This is the 4.5 pound box. They sell it for $16.99

  25. SnowdropHedgie says:

    They certainly did. …
    They certainly did. Looks like they really missed eating Timothy Hay.

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