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  1. AnimalAdvocate01 says:

    He will be used to …
    He will be used to their scent, so unless he has an issue like Nahla then im sure he will be fine. Ive only had issues with a trio, but it worked eventually, and again when i tried to bond Hughie with Rosie before she was spayed. Afterwards though, they pretty much bonded themselves and had all their toys and stuff back within 2 days.

  2. HammyDaHamster123 says:

    Just Discovered …
    Just Discovered Your Channel! LOVE IT! :D Subscribed!

  3. Chloe Murray says:

    Yeah to be fair …
    Yeah to be fair I’ve never had a difficult bond, Nahla caused the only problem and once I removed her it was plain sailing. Cupcake and Peanut had no problems at all, so that’s probably why I normally put stuff in with them without worrying too much. I’ll probably leave it pretty bare to begin with with Cupcake and Pud… I don’t know how Pud will react to another rabbit, but he’s brilliant with human fuss so I hope he’ll be okay :)

  4. AnimalAdvocate01 says:

    Yeah, the little …
    Yeah, the little git chewed it in half! Id reccomend a longer lead than 2m too if your getting a sweedish one, I have a 2m one, and its better than the normal ones, but a longer one would still have been better. I dont tend to put anything in with them when I bond, other than something on the floor, like lino and straw, and a big pile of hay. I think stuff like that causes more problems sometimes.

  5. Chloe Murray says:

    Yeah I’ll …
    Yeah I’ll definitely try it out in my bedroom first of all :) xx

  6. Chloe Murray says:

    I’m really hoping …
    I’m really hoping it distracts them a bit when I first try and bond them, haha :) I haven’t tried the harness on Pud yet because obviously he was neutered yesterday.. not sure how he’ll react to it. If he likes it I might get one of the swedish ones, they look much more comfortable :) Naughty Hughie though! Haha.

  7. Chloe Murray says:

    Thankyou :) My ex- …
    Thankyou :) My ex-boyfriend bought her for me in 2010 as a birthday surprise, I think she was from preloved. x

  8. Chloe Murray says:

    Awww that’s a …
    Awww that’s a shame! Ours only has a little pet section too x

  9. Chloe Murray says:

    Thankyou :) xx
    Thankyou :) xx

  10. Chloe Murray says:

    She says thanks :P …
    She says thanks :P x

  11. Chloe Murray says:

    Thanks :) x
    Thanks :) x

  12. Elika Davallo says:

    Run and get out of …
    Run and get out of it xx

  13. Elika Davallo says:

    Be careful with …
    Be careful with lead because they like using it in the house but in the garden theybt

  14. AnimalAdvocate01 says:

    I bought an alfalfa …
    I bought an alfalfa ring the other week, didn’t think they would bother with it, they odds bothered with alfalfa hay before. Gave them the ring and they destroyed it by the next day! Lol. I’ve given up on harnesses too. Hughie flipped out when i tried one on him, then the little ate Marley and Dollys Swedish one!

  15. Thepetshed1236 says:

    and omogsh nala ( …
    and omogsh nala (sorry if i spelt name wrong) is beautiful :0 where did you get her x

  16. Thepetshed1236 says:

    just been to wiko’s …
    just been to wiko’s today but the one in leeds is rubbish for small animal things.. :( nice haul anyway x

  17. Ashleighgoesrawr44 says:

    Good haul xx
    Good haul xx

  18. RabbitCare4Eva says:

    Loved the video! …
    Loved the video! Nahla is such a sweetheart! :)

  19. lucy1666 says:

    nice haul :) nahla …
    nice haul :) nahla is very cute x

  20. Chloe Murray says:

    Ah cute :) xx
    Ah cute :) xx

  21. TheBinkyBunny says:

    i have that lead …
    i have that lead and my bunny loves it xx

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