Jamie Glaser Reviews Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

small pet Jamie Glaser of the international pet forum Lucky’s Place reviews a new fresh Timothy hay from http://www.smallpetselect.com

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Duration : 0:8:21

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25 Responses to Jamie Glaser Reviews Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

  1. Jamie Glaser says:

    thanks Tristan
    thanks Tristan

  2. Tristan Madsen says:


  3. Jamie Glaser says:

    great.. the times …
    great.. the times I have gotten it ..its been really good

  4. Farawayfly says:

    Just ordered the …
    Just ordered the first box! I know the chinnies and bunnies and piggies will love it from what I have been reading!!!

  5. suzypenguin says:

    I just ordered my …
    I just ordered my first batch and hope for the best since it’s 22 pounds worth. I normally buy 50 lb boxes from Oxbow, but some batches are better than others. Fingers crossed that it is not too brown or woody. Want the foster chins to have something nice for the New Year :0)

  6. Jamie Glaser says:

    actually my last …
    actually my last batch was not as good as previous… more brown than I would like and I was going to ask them. Its winter in the US and Im sure its more difficult to get the amazing hay that we were getting
    I also have bought other major companies this month…Oxbow, Kaytee and the quality was also a bit less , more brown and also the cut was not as soft
    Yes I found what you have found this month…still its the best around in my opinion

  7. Kmsnowboarder3 says:

    i have gotten the …
    i have gotten the timothy hay from small pet select as well and my bunnies love it but… i believe it is starting to die to fast cuz now its getting brown and my bunnies eat it less… did you have that problem as well? but maybe not since u have alot more animals to feed then i do i only have two.

  8. Jamie Glaser says:

    thank you!
    thank you!

  9. ZTHEZILDA says:

    I love …
    I love animals.Adopt,not buy!

  10. Jamie Glaser says:

    thats great fed— …
    thats great fed— Gizmo is a boy
    if he is pregnant with those big personal things hanging down …then he really achieved something
    he is a FATTY ,,, ,.,.he is like a giant guinea pig
    and when I rescued him he was so tiny he fit in half of the palm of my hand
    its a surprise thats for sure LOL

  11. Jamie Glaser says:

    good job..as you …
    good job..as you saw I do a little

  12. Federation83 says:


  13. Federation83 says:


  14. Jamie Glaser says:

    thank YOU …its …
    thank YOU …its good stuff , I wouldnt have done this for them if I didnt believe it and try it as you saw here!
    my best Jamie

  15. chirpchia says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the video! I already got a sample pack, and now I’m going to buy some! :D

  16. Jamie Glaser says:

    I appreciate that. …
    I appreciate that. I am 7 years into owning international forums, doing tv and radio about pets ( I am a well known musician ./producer) I appreciate the offer . Ill enjoy your stuff
    I have too much on my plate..
    here is my music stuff jamieglaser(dot)com/disc(dot)html

  17. dogfreakac says:

    thank u so much for …
    thank u so much for subing. love your piggie and bunny. if u can and want can u audition for my bunny collab or all pet collab

  18. Jamie Glaser says:

    yes its fine. …
    yes its fine. Chinchillas do NOT overeat
    they know when to stop, have tiny stomachs and a sensitive digestive system
    I do not agree with Oxbow though thats the food I use too
    I would give the 9 week old only a few tablespoons of pellets
    and I would first start with Alfalfa hay and some timothy ( first 4 months or so) and then switch to Timothy only. Alfalfa can cause kidney stones etc …
    but right now you want your young chinchilla to really get great stuff

  19. makookoo12345 says:

    please reply, i …
    please reply, i have 2 chinchillas (males) one is 9 weeks old and the other is 1 1/2 years old. I read on the back of my oxbow pellet bag that a chinchilla under one year should have an unlimited supply of these pellets, and over one year get fed once a day. I keep these 2 in the same cage, is it okay if the 1 1/2 year old chinchilla has the pellets all of the time? Thank you!

  20. Jamie Glaser says:

    thank you …

    thank you so very much …your comment made my day

  21. CargoVanMcGee says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the review Jamie. You are a really nice guy. That’s kind of rare nowadays. Cheers from St. Louis. Lance

  22. Jamie Glaser says:

    thats really cool …
    thats really cool about the elderly guinea pigs
    I had one who lived to 6 and now have the two in the video who are 2 and 3

  23. Jamie Glaser says:

    its really good … …
    its really good …as you saw my guys love it

  24. Jamie Glaser says:

    very interesting… …
    very interesting…thank you for that info

  25. Matthew Rubin says:

    im going to buy …
    im going to buy some now!!!

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