Jack Russell puppy scratching his nose and playing SERIOUSLY CUTE WATCH

small pet My 2 months old Jack Russell puppy playing. He is definitely crazy.

Duration : 0:2:21

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25 Responses to Jack Russell puppy scratching his nose and playing SERIOUSLY CUTE WATCH

  1. Sophie Rowson says:

    What a cutie! Gotta …
    What a cutie! Gotta love their energy, my Jack Russell is 16 years old, and theres still no stopping him from sprinting around the dining room table 24/7!

  2. Bailey18484 says:

    He or she is so …
    He or she is so cute!

  3. rainbowlollipopyummy says:

    so cute i just got …
    so cute i just got a jack russell pup hes two hes called bently he does that hes so sweet your pup is a cutie pie kiss him for me!!! and hug!!

  4. Mattiezify says:

    My dog does the …
    My dog does the same :)

  5. ckueffen99 says:

    A sweet puppy !! :D
    A sweet puppy !! :D

  6. 2funnystooges says:

    i only watched 9 …
    i only watched 9 seconds and thats cute

  7. 186Hazza says:

    check my jack …
    check my jack Russell puppy at 186Hazza

  8. lacika990 says:

    very very cute :)
    very very cute :)

  9. Parthinax the Raven says:

    srry for spam its just so cute <3

  10. TheOzzy1804 says:

    In his head: ima …
    In his head: ima boxa bitch

  11. Elmo Jack says:

    little angel
    little angel

  12. RebeccaLouiseLayton says:

    soooo sweet
    soooo sweet

  13. Katie Dawn says:

    What a cutie pie! …
    What a cutie pie! <3

  14. emily hicks says:

    if u lesin to the …
    if u lesin to the puppys barks it sounds like he said play aww sweet thing <3

  15. weirdcitykid says:

    You should see …
    You should see these things when they are taking out rats on farms…lol. Serious snappage! Youtube Jack Russell vs rats.

  16. weirdcitykid says:

    Not a dog person I …
    Not a dog person I am more a cat man – but I make an exception with Jack Russels and Border Collies…lovely creatures.

  17. imaStonesFan says:

    Ohhh ,he is so …
    Ohhh ,he is so very cute :))))

  18. wolfgirl5550125 says:

    Omg !!!! …
    Omg !!!! Soooooooooo cute!!!!

  19. 2brhy says:

    awwwww so cute …
    awwwww so cute today arive my from Belgium Greetings From Holland

  20. TheMeatgrinder1 says:

    Our Parson Jacky …
    Our Parson Jacky is 1 year old and still does that a few times :D

  21. shames59 says:

    too cute!
    too cute!

  22. Gordon Burton says:

    awwwww my god
    awwwww my god

  23. TheJRTLuver says:

    So So so cute!!
    So So so cute!!

  24. XTigerBaby15X says:

    i have a jackuhaha …
    i have a jackuhaha and he is sooooo cute and he is crazy and bites his paws all the time lol

  25. Permonik1998 says:

    Boxing champion
    Boxing champion

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