How to make small pet hide out

small pet I got bored. I found a box. Boom. This magical video was born

Duration : 0:1:41

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14 Responses to How to make small pet hide out

  1. RussianTortoisesHelp says:

    Oh no, thank you! …
    Oh no, thank you! XDDDDDDDD

  2. TurtsAndTords says:


  3. TangoMango5800 says:

    Super cute video! …
    Super cute video! I want one now!

  4. Allandouthamsters21 says:

    it is great size …
    it is great size for them<3

  5. TurtsAndTords says:

    Thank. you. it. …
    Thank. you. it. took. alot. of. thought. xD

  6. TurtsAndTords says:


  7. TurtsAndTords says:

    Yerp. Jelly they …
    Yerp. Jelly they are. xD

  8. TurtsAndTords says:

    xDD Thank chuu :* …
    xDD Thank chuu :* Mauh xD

  9. RussianTortoisesHelp says:

    gorgeous square …
    gorgeous square megan. they should call you Picasso jr. XD jk you know i love youuuuu! :*

  10. RussianTortoisesHelp says:

    best. descripion. …
    best. descripion. ever.

  11. Allandouthamsters21 says:

    1 person wants a …
    1 person wants a potable vacum.

  12. Allandouthamsters21 says:

    haha! i made one …
    haha! i made one from a pop tarts contrainer(:

  13. TurtsAndTords says:


  14. kirsten larissa says:

    Lol the description
    Lol the description

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