How to Handle & Tame a mean / aggressive / scared hedgehog

small pet I talk about how to start handling a ‘mean’ hedgehog.

Duration : 0:9:1

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25 Responses to How to Handle & Tame a mean / aggressive / scared hedgehog

  1. bpcwt says:

    he doesnt curl …
    he doesnt curl into a ball*

  2. bpcwt says:

    i got mine a couple …
    i got mine a couple of days ago. On the 1st day i did as your video suggests, I let him out of the cage for like a hour. He didn’t seem like it was scared anymore, because I can just pick him up anytime without scaring him ( he does curl into a ball at all). But the problem is, he bites me almost everytime i carry him with my hands, like 5 out of 8 times. Is there anything I can do to stop this biting thing ?

  3. sodabugs says:

    I’ve had my …
    I’ve had my hedgehog for more then a year and she’s kinda like yours but she spikes more and she’s insane

  4. Lorenzo Moll says:

    they look so …
    they look so awesome o_o

  5. Tommygun1337 says:

    Ill let you sleep …
    Ill let you sleep on this.

  6. 270992love says:

    the whole back area …
    the whole back area, are needles

  7. Henry Stevenson says:

    what spikes? Where …
    what spikes? Where are they?

  8. musicalangelkarate14 says:

    Hey I have a hedge …
    Hey I have a hedge hog that i got three weeks ago and I never had a hedge hog before…. I was just wondering how to stop bitting…. My hedge hog bites all the time… I want to hold him but i just cant??? any advice??

  9. Tommygun1337 says:

    Dude. Thats …
    Dude. Thats up.
    And would be a really stupid idea too. I mean, do those spikes look soft?

  10. dangerfanboy45 says:

    UR 2 SLOW!1!!
    UR 2 SLOW!1!!

  11. Henry Stevenson says:

    2 of those …
    2 of those snowballs cost $1.25 for two. Great deal. Have you eaten those snacks before?

  12. Henry Stevenson says:

    why would a person …
    why would a person be scared of a hedgehog? You can squeeze them to death.

  13. Henry Stevenson says:

    you can also put …
    you can also put her on the coffe table for thirty minutes of masterbation. That`s a lot better than watching television. Wait, you can watch some of your favorite and masterbate while you wait.

  14. Henry Stevenson says:

    why don`t you eat …
    why don`t you eat the poop? It`s good for you. It has lots of vitamins and nutrients.

  15. Henry Stevenson says:

    how can you get …
    how can you get hurt by these animals? I can squeeze them to death! It makes no sense to me.

  16. Henry Stevenson says:

    how is any hedgehog …
    how is any hedgehog a wild animal? I could squeeze these to death! It`s really a pet.

  17. Henry Stevenson says:

    haha! your comment …
    haha! your comment replies are hilarious! You are like a comedian!

  18. Henry Stevenson says:

    hey, I remember …
    hey, I remember these snacks. I eat these with milk. They are called snowballs. I eat the pink ones. Pink snowballs.

  19. morgan franks says:

    where can I get a …
    where can I get a hedgehog if my local pet store will not carry them?

  20. Chynna Vindiola says:

    I love how sweet …
    I love how sweet you are with the,. its awesome

  21. 46619TAB says:

    I can’t imagine …
    I can’t imagine what I would think if I was trapped in a plastic bin totally out of my natural element all alone with no mom when suddenly a giant something with moving sticking out things coming from someplace my small eyes can’t see and I’ve never seen it before and then it swoops in to pick me up. I’m going to TERRIFIED.

  22. Range TheGeek says:

    can you leave an …
    can you leave an hedgehog alone for like two weeks( when i travel).i mean i whold tell my neiborghs to feed it.but can it survive with out you having to play with it and such? please answer the question, i whold be thankfull for an answer :)

  23. ArisVancouver says:

    Get an aquarium 40- …
    Get an aquarium 40-50 gallons.That is the best for them

  24. ArisVancouver says:

    All animals can be …
    All animals can be pets ….!! As long as you prove them your love.| Don’t be stupid. One love girl.One love…Love them and they love you back.

    I had dogs,cats,snakes,birds,parrots,fish, turtles ,mini crocodiles,raccoon and now at my life a new friend hedgehog..Mister Sonic…
    He is super…!!!

  25. DaYoungGamer4071 says:

    how high is “Too …
    how high is “Too High” Like Is A Foot “Too High?” Please respond!

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