How do I convice my parents to let me have a small rodent pet?

My brother (age 12) and I (age 18) want to get a Small Pet rodent to keep and take care of in my room. we are thinking a couple rats would be best, or a couple gerbils. or even a guinea pig would be nice. How do we convince our parents to let us have them? it would just be 2 rats, or 2 gerbils, or 1 guinea pig.

gerbils make amazing pets, i have three girls, i clean there tank once every 2-3 weeks… i feed them just about every day.. there is realy no work involved… tell them that i suppose might help…

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  1. mountainlion145 says:

    show them you are resposible enough to care nurture and feed for this pet that you want. It might take awhile and some talking and compromises but it will deffinatly work.
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  2. xllx_dvs_mother_phukyr_xllx says:

    tell them you want them so you can plump them up so day you all can have chop suey for dinner ; )
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  3. deh_veel says:

    rr u actually totally sure that u’ll be able to take care of pets? if ur not…abandon da idea…but if u rr, tell ur parents directly dat u want a pet n a small one is usually considered easier to handle n take care of than a huger pet…plus u can consult ur vet or work as a volunteer wid animals for sum period of time so dat ur parents realize dat u both can take up dis responsibility..
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  4. goldwing110083 says:

    1) have an escape plan…should things not work out well, "Sam" will take the pets and care for them. That takes care of number one concern, "what happens to the animal(s) if you are irresponsible in its care?"
    2) Have your own money to purchase the class "cage" and top screen, all bedding necessary, and 5 pounds of food, water bottle, etc., plus the cost of the animal(s).
    3) Explane that responsibility is an earned thing, and that by starting with animals that are caged at all times will teach your brother (12) that animals carry a heavy burden of daily care…no days off, no vacations. And while we are at it, have "Sam" or someone standing by to care for these critters in their home IF and when you go on vacation, away for weekends. Make sure you parents understand that the care of these animales will NOT fall back on them. AND make sure that you promise that the cage will be kept clean and odor free…that is the problem with rodents…their living quarters can start to stink quickly if bedding is not changed often.
    If you can reassure your parents of all the above, and if things do not work out as promised, they (and you) have a humane escape clause, I bet they will say, "OK, we will try it." Good luck. Oh, and go for the g. Pig…friendly, fun, basically harmless…although rats are very easily tamed and very affectionate.
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  5. person30274 says:

    Well, i think you should go with the 1 guinea pig. Try getting a fish first and work your way up. Gain your parents trust by taking care of your fish. Feeding it, taking care of it, and paying attention to it. Take responsibility with this fish and maybe, just maybe, they will let you upgrade to ! guinea pig. ok.
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  6. spidermonkeyfingers says:

    i dont know, how about telling them its free and i will give you some of mine..they are taking over.
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  7. kohley says:

    gerbils make amazing pets, i have three girls, i clean there tank once every 2-3 weeks… i feed them just about every day.. there is realy no work involved… tell them that i suppose might help…
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    y three little gerbils

  8. btj0926 says:

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  9. i_love_bam_more_than_you says:

    My dad got me a degu for Christmas 3 years ago, and my mom DID NOT want it. But I could take care of dogs and cows, so why not a degu?? I just showed her that I could take care of Rufus and now she LOVES him. Just make sure you have a plan in case they escape!!
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  10. sammi_stephens says:

    Like others have said, be sure that you can take care of the pets without your parents help. This includes not only getting the pet, cage, daily food, etc – it also include vet care. Emergencies unfortunately do occur and your pets, whatever you end up choosing, should have regular check-ups just like humans do. Being reliant on your parents for the money for the vet bill or even the car for a ride there makes them responsible for the pets as well. If they did not want the pets in the first place, this is very unfair to them. Just something to consider.

    If worse comes to worse, I noticed that you’re 18 and assume you might leave your parents home soon. If this is the case, it might be best to wait until you are on your own before taking on any pets. I guess it depends on how strongly against the pets your parents are.

    I can’t speak for gerbils or rats as I’ve never owned any. I have a guinea pig now, though, and am looking for the perfect pig to join him. This is because guinea pigs are very social creatures and most often do NOT prefer to live alone.

    Regardless of the type of pet you choose, if allowed, I suggest putting some research into it first. I’ve included some links to guinea pig sites, in case you go that route.
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