HoliDIY: Cute Gifts You Can Make For Your Small Pet!

small pet Hey guys!! I did 3 different types of gifts you can make your Small Pet for christmas. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make them happy :) Mine loved all of these!

Duration : 0:3:47

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8 Responses to HoliDIY: Cute Gifts You Can Make For Your Small Pet!

  1. sweetlilpiggies says:

    haha i figured …
    haha i figured someone would think that at first :) thanks!

  2. BudgetBunny says:

    Very cute video! I …
    Very cute video! I love the paper hay bag! At first I was thinking oh no you spelt holiday wrong then realized how clever you were being!!! hehehe <3

  3. sweetlilpiggies says:

    thanks :)
    thanks :)

  4. sweetlilpiggies says:

    thank you!
    thank you!

  5. sweetlilpiggies says:

    i use movie maker …
    i use movie maker :)

  6. crazywebkinz9 says:

    awesome vid!  thx! …
    awesome vid!  thx! ;)

  7. biddlynn4 says:

    Love the vid soo …
    Love the vid soo cute :)

  8. MrGuineapigschannel says:

    Hi! i LOVE YOUR …
    Hi! i LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! the guinea pigs are so cute! what program you use to edit your photos?

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