Setting Health Goals – Pet Fit Tips

pet health Fitness Ideas for You & Your Pet! — Setting Your Health Goals
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Here’s what you’ll need;

Weight yourself then grab your computer. Search for a BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator to find out a healthy weight range for your height.

How to weigh your pet
Stand on the scale while holding your pet.
You + Your Pet — You = Your Pet’s weight

If your dog is too large to hold visit your veterinary office to get a current weight!

Search online for a Body Condition Score for your pet. This easier chart will help you know if your dog is over weight or under weight.

Now set yourself health goals and performance goals! Keep yourself organized by planning them in a calendar. 10-20 minutes a day of exercise will make you feel so much better and you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction!

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Host: Rebecca-Louise
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23 Responses to Setting Health Goals – Pet Fit Tips

  1. Barry Cooper says:

    Very very helpful …
    Very very helpful video anyway… My partner has has been earning $2,599 a week using ONLINEJOBSFROMHOME.UPHERO.COM

  2. minecraft41847 says:

    Computer, Calendar, …
    Computer, Calendar, Scale, A new Dress, and A Hot Blonde with nice tits!

  3. theanimerider says:

    what about the …
    what about the fluffy pets all of the BCS i found are for short coats

  4. molliepie1 says:

    Love the video. …
    Love the video. Encourages us all to get fit without being too pushy

  5. Anime Lillipuss says:

    BAHAHAHAHHAHA i’d like to see my human try and exercise me. not.

  6. MiffoKarin says:

    How your pet looks …
    How your pet looks is a good way to tell if they are healthy, but it shouldn’t be the only indicator. Are they happy, energetic and agile, or are they tired and slow?
    My parents have two dogs, and they have very different builds even though they’re sisters from the same litter. They have 8 different breeds in them though, so it’s hard to tell how they are supposed to look like… ^^ (Drever, Basset, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Flat-coated Retriever, Collie, Border Collie & Newfoundland)

  7. éloïse chantal Vlammiros says:

    love !
    love !

  8. HBSuccess says:

    Who cares about …
    Who cares about the pets? What if we are having impure thoughts about the host?

  9. Wyatt19961212 says:

    Surprised at the …
    Surprised at the cleanliness of the comment section…

  10. BUSTER POSEY says:

    Buster’s Vision …
    Buster’s Vision Nonprofit, Inc. LOVES ur video and puppy. EXCELLENT JOB. We launched UR video on our Facebook page. Hope to see more videos. Let us know at our website or Facebook (Multi-Media Social Network). Best & Blessings – Buster the HAPPY Lab.

  11. Amandabear0000000000 says:

    My puppy’s perfect
    My puppy’s perfect

  12. shaneinaz00 says:

    Our Jug jack-pug …
    Our Jug jack-pug is just right :@)

  13. Vehementi says:

    Ok, got a computer, …
    Ok, got a computer, a calendar, a scale and a new dress.

    Seriously, though, BMI is a really, really bad way of determining a healthy weight. “If you’re this tall you should weigh this much.” is bullshit, ’cause you could be 4’5 and built like a shit brickhouse, and the BMI chart would show you to be obese for someone who’s 2′ taller than you.

    Muscle weighs more than fat, which is why you can’t just work out a healthy weight from your weight and height. That’s fuckin’ stupid.

  14. MsLionking3d says:

    I bet that dog has …
    I bet that dog has small dog syndrome, 80 prevent of small dogs do because of them being babyed and undisciplined

  15. Jade DragonRaze says:

    I’ve seen this …
    I’ve seen this poor dog that is SERIOUSLY overweight. It’s really sad.

  16. AshyJai1 says:

    It’s hard work …
    It’s hard work trying to keep up with my husky malamute cross

  17. Ericaskye89 says:

    Keep coming. My …
    Keep coming. My pets are my only fitness pals at time

  18. TheJustinglen says:

    thankyou for the …
    thankyou for the pet fit tips

  19. Vina Heng says:


  20. Lpspsyco says:


  21. TheLPSTARS says:

    3º  SEE
    3º  SEE

  22. mslivehaha says:


  23. mileninha24 says:


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