Iams Dog Food Commercial: Keep Love Strong – Welcome Home

pet health Rocky the dog didn’t know why Dawn was gone for so long, but when she showed up in military camoflouge, he was there ready to greet her with the biggest welcome home. So, to keep Rocky strong and healthy, Dawn chooses Iams dog food.

To find the right Iams dog food for your dog’s needs, visit http://bit.ly/dog_food_welcomehome.

Iams is deeply committed to developing pet food that enhances the well-being of dogs and cats for a lifetime. With 50% more animal protein than the leading brand, the nutrition in Iams dog food will help keep your dog’s body strong and healthy for a lifetime of love.

Duration : 0:0:32

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4 Responses to Iams Dog Food Commercial: Keep Love Strong – Welcome Home

  1. WICCANQUEEN59 says:

    Love this! I cry …
    Love this! I cry every time I watch it.

  2. Marcia Walsh says:

    I have watched this …
    I have watched this video probably 20 times! I makes me smile & cry!
    Such a great Irish Wolfhound! Is that Dawn’s dog? If not, Rocky is a mighty great actor!

  3. cgbr22 says:

    Its an Irish …
    Its an Irish Wolfhound

  4. Kelly Lewis says:

    I love this …
    I love this commercial ! What type of dog is that in the video?

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