Healthy Dog Club Interview series: Hypothyroid epidemic in dogs/Dr Jean Dodds/Part 1

pet health Healthy Dog Club interviews Dr Jean Dodds, a world renown vaccine research scientist about hypothyroidism in dogs, a growing epidemic often misunderstood among owners. She is also founder of Hemopet, a nonprofit animal blood bank in Southern California and has a new book out, “The Canine Thyroid Epidemic: Answers You Need to Know for Your Dog,” written with Diana R. Laverdure (Dogwise Publishing, $19.95).

Dr Dodds will talk about:

- The hypothyroid epidemic in dogs
- Causes of hypothyroidism (nutrition, genetics, vaccinations etc.)
- The role thyroid plays in dog’s health and function
- Importance in addressing this condition, treatment options, medication side effects
- Diet/supplementation helping your dog’s hypothyroidism
- Why is this such a misunderstood disease among dog owners as well as vets
- How it is diagnosed

and much more….

Duration : 0:9:29

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