At what point in a dog’s "heat" is the best time to put her with the male?

My female is 15 mo old and is in her 2nd heat. The "couple" were together for a few days last week with no success. She is now in the bleeding stage of her heat. I have the couple together again but they doesn’t seem as interested in each other as they did last week. Am I too late? (pureblood dogs, health checks on both, wanting family pets for friends and family- no money involved)

You need to wait until she’s exactly 33 days from the last day you saw blood and then put the male in with her. You don’t want to put him in before or she could reaallllyyy hurt him!

Anyone else noticing these folks are trying to sound reputable by thinking that just because they’re breeding for family and friends and not charging anything that that makes it ok?


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  1. chelsea m says:

    no time is a good time…there are millions of homeless dogs out there and you want to bring more into the world?
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  2. arial39 says:

    15 months old isn’t really old enough to be breeding for one thing, and if you really knew anything about breeding you would know you put them together approximately 7-15 days into their heat cycle for them to be receptive to the male, i just hope you know enough about breeding to help the mother through the birthing process especially if she is a smaller breed dog, they have trouble having puppies ALOT of times and can require an emergency c-section at 2am, or at 15 months old she may abandon her puppies wondering what in the world she just popped out back there….well i know you’re gonna catch h*** from alot of people so i wont keep on here.
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  3. Misa M says:

    Never. Please spay and neuter your pets.
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  4. Cindy says:

    The best time is 3 to 4 weeks AFTER the heat ends.

    Leave them for 1-2 hours but don’t watch them. Dogs get nervous the first time.

    2.5 months later you should have puppies.

    If not, your dog is probably sterile. You will need to have her uterus removed so she doesn’t die from infection.
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  5. lebeez3 says:

    12 days after the first day of bleeding is a general rule of thumb but individual dogs vary. Get some books on the subject of breeding. There’s a lot to know about the breeding process and whelping the puppies.
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  6. koehlerdogtraining says:

    Hi Trina,

    You’re not too late. It’s too early to have the male with the female if she is still in the bleeding stage. The enzymes in the red blood will kill the sperm. You need to take the male away now. Put him back with her exacty 21 days AFTER the discharge has turned straw coloured … watch for this carefully … exactly twenty-one days AFTER is when to put the male in with her.
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  7. zappataz says:

    You need to wait until she’s exactly 33 days from the last day you saw blood and then put the male in with her. You don’t want to put him in before or she could reaallllyyy hurt him!

    Anyone else noticing these folks are trying to sound reputable by thinking that just because they’re breeding for family and friends and not charging anything that that makes it ok?

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  8. AMOS says:

    the female can be in heat up to 3 weeks a time, but only bleed for up to 11-13 days. after her bleeding has stopped is the best time.
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    raise and breed bostons, pekingese, beagles, pugs, boglen terriers, peagles, and puggles.

  9. staffy_lvr says:

    Your dog is too young, you should wait till she is over two years of age. Also breeding dogs for family and friends, is not a good excuse, obviously from your question, you have no experience in breeding and you shouldn’t be doing it. You are what is known as a backyard breeder, I would suggest you do your homework and read some valuable information, see the link I posted:
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  10. Shanna says:

    Cindy is absolutely correct. It is 3-4 weeks after the bleeding stops that you need to put them together. DO NOT put them together sooner or the female will reject the male. And make sure that you are ready for puppies 6 months after!!!!
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  11. animal_artwork says:

    Why are you breeding a dog when you obviously have NO CLUE what you are doing? Why haven’t you EDUCATED yourself about the reproductive cycle of a dog? What on EARTH are you doing breeding a dog before she is two years of age. There is NO WAY you could have the right health checks on both dogs as OFA will NOT issue a number for hips or elbow unless the dog is at least 2 years of age.

    PLEASE let your dog grow up before you breed her. PLEASE educate yourself, find a mentor and a good reproductive veterinarian.

    I have NO ISSUES with people breeding dogs… I breed dogs. I have HUGE issues with people who breed dogs when they have no clue what they are doing.

    I’m glad you have homes for the pups. Now… call those homes.. tell them you need to wait until she’s two years old and spend that time LEARNING so you have some clue what you are doing.
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    Breeder of Champion and Working Service Dogs for 19 years.

  12. a gal and her dog says:

    Your friends and family can get pets from the shelter – they can save lives. If you don’t know the answer to your question, you really ought not to breed. The lives of these puppies are at stake here, as well as the lives of their parents.
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  13. Laura ♥ says:

    A heat is just like a period. No WONDER she has no interest in the male — heck, I don’t either when I’m bleeding like the effin Nile !

    Wait exactly 23 days after the first sign of blood, and then put them together. They might play and stuff, but once you turn your head (they can tell when you’re peeking) they’ll do the deed.

    Good luck!
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  14. ♥ DP ♥ says:

    Yeah you are too late.. And too early. You should wait til she is at least 2. You will have much more success in getting them to breed if you wait til she is at least 2 years of age.

    How do you have health checks done if she isn’t even 2 yet??
    How come you are breeding for ‘ pets ‘ ?????? Breed for the best you can, and then you end up with stunning pets, breed for pets and you get merely pets..
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  15. redneckcowgirlmo says:

    Why are you wanting to breed ? You have done no research. Do you know the dangers of pregnancy,breeding , & whelping ? Do you know the standards for your breed ? A regular vet check doesn’t take the place of genetic testing. I have been breeding for years. Can you afford the extra vet bills ? Can you & will you take back every dog you bred if their families can no longer care for them ? I have spent $$$$$$ on genetic testing, c-sections, ect… You better have a fat wallet . I have also had to hand raise litters , are you able to tubefeed puppies every 2 hours because mom has rejected them or developed milk fever ? Besides spending a insane amount of money , I have also lost countless hours of sleep & spent several hour researching. Theres a lot to consider.I’m not telling you not to breed, I’m asking you to breed responsibly.
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    AKC Breeder

  16. anne b says:

    I am really having trouble understanding your reason for breeding your dog at all. If your friends and family want pets, why can’t they just go to the shelter and save a life? This is a poor excuse to put your dog through this. You have already shown that you haven’t done all the research you need to breed dogs, and you don’t even know that your dog is still too young to breed. Please do the responsible thing and have your pet spayed. Your friends and family can find their dogs elsewhere.
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    dog rescue volunteer

  17. Jennifer T says:

    Do you want to be a reputable breeder, or a blight on the dog world?
    Are you ready to spend hundreds, or even thousands to breed your dog? Are
    you willing to feed and care for sick or orphaned puppies every 2 hours? I
    mean EVERY two hours, not just the daylight ones! Are you up to at least 8
    weeks of puppy poo everywhere? (No matter how ofetn you clean, there’s
    always more being made.) Are you willing and able to provide a c-section for
    your dog if she needs it at a cost of up to $1000? Are you ready to dispose
    of her dead body if something goes tragically wrong?

    A REPUTABLE breeder takes animals of her breeding back at any time for
    any reason. Whether they offer a refund depends on circumstances,

    A REPUTABLE breeder wants to meet the WHOLE family to see how the
    interacts with each memeber. They will visit the potential home with
    puppy before allowing the new owner to purchase a puppy.

    A REPUTABLE breeder knows the standard for the breed and tests for
    genetic faults and diseases as much as possible.

    A REPUTABLE breeder keeps a puppy for months or years if the right
    home isn’t found for it. They don’t take the money and dump the pup on just

    Some examples: If you ask a breeder of Shetland sheepdogs if they test
    VonWillebrand’s disease in breeding dogs, they should be able to
    explain the
    process and tell you if the pups are clear or carriers. If you ask a
    of Labrador retrievers how the parents did on their OFA screening,
    should know what you’re talking about.

    Each breed has genetic diseases breeders can test for to prevent their
    occurrance, or so as to make wise breeding decisions. Each breed has a
    national club who will tell you what to look for in a healthy pup of
    breed and what to ask breeders to help determine if they are

    Any reputable breeder will know about the problems of their breed as
    well as
    its strong points. Any reputable breeder will accept their own bred
    back at any age for any reason, and most INSIST the dog comes back to
    if the new owner cannot keep it, just as the shelter does.

    A reputable breeder shows their dogs to judges to help determine if
    their dog is worthy of breeding.

    "I’m just breeding pets! Who cares about all those genetic tests and conformation and crap?" you say. Let me tell you who is gonna care. The poor dog suffering the horrible pain of hip dysplasia because you were too cheap and uncaring to OFA him. Or the little 10 year old owner of the 4 month old dead puppy because you failed to research liver diseases in her pedigree. Or the dog who can no longer run and play because you didn’t care that his parents passed on conformation so bad that his pasterns failed when he was a year old.

    So do you want to be a reputable breeder? If so, find a kennel or
    breed club, pull up a chair,and start learning how to be one. If you just
    wanna be another scummy profit puppy manufacturer, spay your dog. We got
    enough of them already.
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    Rescuer, vet tech, groomer and show exhibitor of Shetland sheepdogs for 20 years

  18. JOS V says:

    I was a breeder an I would say I never had to do a rebred on any of my bitchs or . The days would be 9 to 11th day . And I would have the bitch an dog not together ,but kennel next to each other . If the bitch flag her tail she is ready.
    Hope this helps
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