Top 5 Dog Clothes of 2010 (video)

pet cloth

These are the 5 most popular dog clothing items so far in 2010.

We’ve got 170+ styles of dog clothing in all shapes in color. Categories include:

- Dog Sweaters & Sweatshirts

- Dog Coats & Jackets

- Dog Pants, Shorts & Shirts

- Dog Robes & Pajamas

- Dog Boots & Outdoor Wear

- Halloween Costumes for Dogs

- and many more!

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Duration : 0:1:38

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7 Responses to Top 5 Dog Clothes of 2010 (video)

  1. id493337 says:

    I don’t mind …
    I don’t mind clothes on dogs, as long as they could still be without the clothes getting in the way or if it to hot because clothes would just make it hotter.

  2. Simenbjo says:

    I think clothes …
    I think clothes for dogs are nice if they dont have a lot of fur and its very cold outside :)

  3. VlinderBanaan says:

    I think there’s …
    I think there’s nothing wrong with dressing your dogs, as long as they don’t get to hot or itchy.

  4. Owjeh says:

    @iBorderBum Someone …
    @iBorderBum Someone having a bad day?? :)

  5. iBorderBum says:

    @Owjeh how many of …
    @Owjeh how many of your friends put clothes on their dogs?

  6. Owjeh says:

    @iBorderBum Clothes …
    @iBorderBum Clothes for dogs is a great thing :D
    When humans first are taking the dog out of it’s natural environment we should at least supply it with what’s necessary for it to survive!

  7. iBorderBum says:

    clothes for dogs …
    clothes for dogs just look bad

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