How to sew a dog shirt from old clothes

pet cloth In this tutorial, Angela Morris of Phoenix Thread will explain how to use old human clothing to sew together new dog clothing. The example in the video is a Green Bay Packers dog jersey.

Duration : 0:3:25

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21 Responses to How to sew a dog shirt from old clothes

  1. KittenLover1001 says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the idea I will try it great idea

  2. lilpackerfreak says:

    woott go packers!
    woott go packers!

  3. kittycatfire1 says:

    you are the best im …
    you are the best im gonna make a t-shirt for my pomeranian he is a male and you will pob be beter than me

  4. ShellBells98 says:


  5. SiaSofieRenee says:

    Could you please …
    Could you please share the measurements on the pattern?
    Thanks :-)

  6. stllaogyrl says:

    can u post a video …
    can u post a video showing how u made the shirt template?

  7. PhoenixThread says:

    It depends! I …
    It depends! I charge $49.99 if I have to craft the details myself. Or just $29.99 if you would like to mail me one of your old Vikings shirts. All prices are plus shipping.

  8. LAcAcHaNiLlA1 says:

    im in minnesota n …
    im in minnesota n i wanan know how much it would be if i order the vikings shirt?

  9. PhoenixThread says:

    Hi Fatty,
    I made my …

    Hi Fatty,
    I made my own pattern, but I got inspiration and guidance from Simplicity pattern #2755. Google it!


    where can i get …
    where can i get that pattern?

  11. Ihartshanedawson56 says:

    I hand sew no …
    I hand sew no matter what

  12. maaaaangoes5 says:

    It would if been …
    It would if been great if the stripes in the sleeve were neater. From what I saw, the sleeves on the dogs were HUGE.

  13. ShellBells98 says:

    i have that lamp …
    i have that lamp yaaaa

  14. SuperBlackcat1999 says:


  15. laineywca says:

    My dog is a small …
    My dog is a small poodle that doesn’t grow any higher than it already is.I like the color green and my mom and my youngest brother does too. So could you please tell me how much these cute clothes are?

  16. PhoenixThread says:

    ginger, I actually …
    ginger, I actually use iron-on letters. It’s easier than sew-on letters because maneuvering a sewing machine around fine details like letters is really tough. Using an iron is really easy. So far, the iron-ons stay on great!

  17. gingermist21 says:

    do you use regular …
    do you use regular sew on letters? Do they stay on well?

  18. TheCutiepie17 says:

    This really helped …
    This really helped me! thanks :) x

  19. PhoenixThread says:

    I’m so happy that …
    I’m so happy that you liked them!

  20. nitamccarty says:

    Oh, I love those …
    Oh, I love those jersey’s.  And you did a great job. Petey and Rufus are You-Tube stars….

  21. dwackley says:

    Amazing concept! …
    Amazing concept! This presentation was so professional–even entertaining!

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