How to Fit Clothes for Your Pets –

pet cloth Demo video showing how to measure your pets to fit clothing.

Duration : 0:2:48

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18 Responses to How to Fit Clothes for Your Pets –

  1. tweetysweety1996 says:

    @greenapple2040 …
    @greenapple2040 walmart has it, and online

  2. greenapple2040 says:

    my dog needs a 2XL …
    my dog needs a 2XL. can’t find it anywhere…

  3. riogreen3000 says:


  4. mina0106 says:

    I have the same dog …
    I have the same dog! Took me 3 hours to wash and dry her hair each time!

  5. kst8one says:

    The dog is a shih- …
    The dog is a shih-tzu and the girl is a norwegian/ukranian mix. I should know, she’s my girlfriend. : )

  6. PirateGirlz says:

    Not every dog har …
    Not every dog har fur! Take a chinese crested… does that have hair all over it’s body? Small dogs with fur might also need clothes as much as a naked dog!

  7. dasani125 says:

    thats too much …
    thats too much trouble to measure a dog! why dogs need to wear clothes? they have lots hair already

  8. nchad23 says:

    Nice video. Too bad …
    Nice video. Too bad I don’t have a dog

  9. icybanana says:

    I have a Shizu too. …
    I have a Shizu too. He usually wears size medium or large. I’ve bought many shirts for him but it usually end up too small or too big. The measurement demo helps a lot!

  10. ttk2004 says:

    i think it’s a …
    i think it’s a Shizu. Or mixed. Cute chick :)

  11. chadbdchi says:

    Looks like a …
    Looks like a Maltese. They are usually very well behaved. But my uncle’s Maltest is crazy. They totally spoil her. She will bite anyone who touch the owner @_@

  12. jennyfermc2125 says:

    what a cuttie! very …
    what a cuttie! very pretty dog

  13. socialbum says:


  14. dantez778 says:

    what a well behaved …
    what a well behaved dog! my dog will bite me already

  15. squaremelon87 says:

    the dog is Sooooo …
    the dog is Sooooo good

  16. esmelplt says:

    looks like a shizu
    looks like a shizu

  17. kanako2003 says:


  18. sgpark82 says:

    cute dog! What …
    cute dog! What breed?

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