How 2 Make A Dog Sweater from Recycled Baby Sweaters

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I have chosen to use Simplicity Pattern # 2755, I picked it up at my local Hobby Lobby during their .99 Simplicity pattern sale, limit 10. Simplicity crafts have a Go Green Collection for Dog Clothes which I love.

This is a easy beginner pattern with simple stitch patterns and shaping.

Simplicity Pattern 2755 Review

The pattern comes with a guide for sewing each design on the pattern, and this pattern comes with five unique designs.
The pattern offers three size choices extra small, small, and medium. I have cut out the extra small for our dog Pocahontas.

Each size comes on a large sheet of tissue paper neatly folded inside. You will need to cut these pieces apart, which makes them easier to handle. Cut around each piece, just outside the solid line throw away the tissue that is left over.

Very Nice Packaging

Each pattern pieces is clearly marked with names as front, back, and sleeve to help us. Included in the directions are illustrations to the left of the each steps, giving you a picture that helps to clarify the instructions.

Great to see you at the Whimsy’s Art Studio on the internet.

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6 Responses to How 2 Make A Dog Sweater from Recycled Baby Sweaters

  1. sarahliz8499 says:


  2. RaineWhiteWolf says:

    I LOVE your …
    I LOVE your beautiful old lady Po…..Your video was just great. I am sad to say sweaters like that even at most of our thrift stores are more like $2 to $5. That Simplicity pattern here is $15.95…..I have been searching through my grand childrens clothes to see what they have grown out of!! (I am in Aus) Is there a web site to the store where you get your patterns for 99cents?? it would be cheaper for me to buy them from the US even WITH postage to Aus.. :)

  3. Whimsymachegirl says:

    Roxy, I love that …
    Roxy, I love that name; sounds like a little dog with character.

  4. glitzgirl11 says:

    thank you so much …
    thank you so much my little dog roxy is greatfull she loves it soo much xxx

  5. Whimsymachegirl says:

    Sounds great, my …
    Sounds great, my little dog loves her new clothes.

  6. WolfGangHarkersfx says:

    great video as …
    great video as always! my girlfriend lives in the mountains in central oregon she has a very skinny not furry dog this will be perfect! thanks again for sharing!

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