D.O.G pet boutique

pet cloth Shop online at: http://www.dogpetboutique.com

D.O.G. (dee-oh-gee) is a high-end boutique featuring designer dog clothes, accessories, leads and leashes, a high quality line of natural food, parody plush toys, stylish beds and feeders and dog body and skin care products by Happy Tails. Catering to the furry fashionistas, they also carry an exclusive line of couture and designer “bling” accessories. The in store barkery brilliantly displays the all natural, fresh and tasty everyday and special occasion treats for dogs of all sizes. With help from the in-house event stylist, shoppers can create the perfect LA look for their pooch.

Video produced by TVKEVIN Productions. http://www.tvkevin.com

Duration : 0:2:9

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11 Responses to D.O.G pet boutique

  1. LotteNinjaBunny says:

    why do all the …
    why do all the boutique’s only have clothes for small dogs?!

  2. Bedo0our says:

    This is very cute I …
    This is very cute I love it so much it has everything we need for our furry friends you guys have very cute t-shirts for dogs and nice bakery to thank you for all the hard work good job

  3. TheJdomadden says:

    welcome o board …
    welcome o board petshopbuoys a uk pet boutique

  4. DawggieGoPak says:

    great boutique!
    great boutique!

  5. chelsgirl1000 says:

    LADY GAGA needs a …
    LADY GAGA needs a dog it would be so cute to go here!

  6. iscream93 says:

    toooo the carr ( …
    toooo the carr (andd then thee airporrtt) :P

  7. bawest4 says:

    Every thing looks …
    Every thing looks so nice and cute another good way  to take care of our best friends!!

  8. Psgurl90069 says:

    Love this shop! Hi …
    Love this shop! Hi guys! Have to re-upload the vids, check back soon! See you on FB!

  9. vanessahsucks says:

    cool so …

    cool so hollywood rich puppy

  10. ashleyshow99 says:

    tnxs for showing …
    tnxs for showing this vid!
    now i know where to buy my dogs accessories

  11. redheadfemme says:

    Thanks for sharing
    Thanks for sharing

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