Where can you find some cool pet websights?

I love dogs and Cute Pets and i want to see more pictures and things and maybe even websights with really fun games and maybe like you can dress it up and stuff


it has ADORABLE pics that will make you want more

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Clothes for small dogs

pet cloth CLICK ON http://www.pineapplepups.com ALL ON SITE.

Clothes for small dogs! Great new range, exclusive to us at Pineapplepups.com by designer CarmelBrulez. Suitable for all small and medium sized dogs. For boys and girls, winter and summer. Great for chihuahas, chinese cresteds, beagles, basset hounds, corgis, poodles, sausage dogs, dashunds. Cheap prices.

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Iams Dog Food Commercial: Keep Love Strong – Welcome Home

pet health Rocky the dog didn’t know why Dawn was gone for so long, but when she showed up in military camoflouge, he was there ready to greet her with the biggest welcome home. So, to keep Rocky strong and healthy, Dawn chooses Iams dog food.

To find the right Iams dog food for your dog’s needs, visit http://bit.ly/dog_food_welcomehome.

Iams is deeply committed to developing pet food that enhances the well-being of dogs and cats for a lifetime. With 50% more animal protein than the leading brand, the nutrition in Iams dog food will help keep your dog’s body strong and healthy for a lifetime of love.

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Jack Russell puppy scratching his nose and playing SERIOUSLY CUTE WATCH

small pet My 2 months old Jack Russell puppy playing. He is definitely crazy.

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If You Could Have Any Animal As a Pet, Which Would You Choose?

exotic pet A woman’s chimp was recently taken away – certain exotic animals can’t be kept as pets, after all. But if you could have ANY animal as a pet, which would you choose and why? Tweet!

What about you? If you could have any animal, exotic or otherwise as a pet, which would you choose? Let us know what you think!

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Funny Dog Plays Tug of War Video

cute pet Cute Dog Plays Tug of War Video. Khloe wants her Soccer Ball back and will not give up until she wins, she loves her Soccer Ball! Give Khloe a Thumbs Up for being a COOL DOG!

Some info on Khloe’s Bre

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How to handle people who are annoying to dogs?

My friend is really annoying to my other friend’s little dog. She kept on asking the dog to bark and move around and when he didn’t she called the dog stupid and stuff. She always calls the dog ugly, even showing his reflection in the mirror and said that he is really ugly. Ugh. Disgusting.

The dog is scared of her but she refuses that fact and insists that the dog likes her, though I’m sure the dog is barely tolerating her. She pokes the dog’s head ocassionally. When she holds him, he shakes. I said that the dog is scared of her, and she refuses and said the dog licked her hand. But he was shaking. He was definitely scared.

She is also very possessive of the dog. It’s not even her dog. One of my friends asked if he can hold the dog, and she said no. I said that she was too possessive of the dog, but she denied that even though she just demonstrated her possessiveness. She drank some water while the dog is on her lap (forcibly) and she spilled some on her shirt, blaming that the dog peed, even though the owner of the dog insisted that his dog is well-housebroken and would never pee indoors.

To think that I had a crush on her is disgusting. The way she treats dogs is disgusting. Even my 8-year-old cousin treats a puppy better than she does. She said she wanted a dog, good grief she’s not allowed too. How do I deal with these kind of annoying people? I love dogs dearly and I can’t stand seeing Them being mistreated. The worst thing I have done to a dog (throwing a cloth to my dog’s face once because I was mad at her) isn’t as disgusting as what she does, and I admit that what I did is wrong. She still believes that the dog likes her and she thinks what she does is cute. urgh.

too bad its not yours and not your friends’ dog.The only one to have anything to say is the dogs owner and apparently your friend will not stick up for the poor thing.You will not be able to change this persons behavior. unless the owner keeps the dog away while they visit or the owner says something,it will probably continue.

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Please help- Cool dog science project topic & good way to learn French?

I need a good topic for dog health. How to do dog CPR? Different bone fractures? ANYTHING!
Also, I need to find a way to learn french (Cheap and easy!)

I’ll try to answer both questions – very different!
For dog health, it would be interesting to talk about the health issues in very tiny dogs. My aunt had a teacup poodle which had all sorts of problems that bigger dogs don’t normally have. The poor thing had a terrible bone fracture just from sliding across a wood floor and hitting a dresser.

For French, you need to think about why you are learning it, when/where you will speak it, and your favorite way to learn. There’s usually a class at a local college available, but you’re tied to their time schedule. There are lots of different programs for learning online, through software, or audio. It depends also on your budget. The best programs combine audio, visual (pictures and video), written words, and speech practice. There are also some websites online where you can learn a little French for free, which is a good way to get a taste of the language, but it won’t get you that far.

A few good French language courses to look at are Tell Me More French, Fluenz French, Rocket French (but there’s no visual), and Instant Immersion French (cheapest, but I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know how good it is). Rosetta Stone is probably the most well-know, but overpriced in my opinion. Just don’t buy any program unless it has some kind of money-back guarantee.

Bonne chance!

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How to get an exotic pet license?

I want a Yellow Blotched Map Turtle but it is restricted in my state. I called the company who was selling it and they said that I need an exotic pet license to own one. I live in the United States New York Long Island. Can anyone help me. I looked at other questions on yahoo answers but it is too confusing. Can anyone tell me what to do easily step by step.

You would have to contact your states Department of Agriculture. It would be an extremely difficult task to get an Exotic Pet license if you have no prior training and if you aren’t breeding to sell. Good luck though!

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Why do people waste money by clothing their pets?

when they could clothe the homeless? Come on people, help your fellow man before you vainly display your greed of having the cutest pet and your lust of the cutest pet.

I bought clothes for my unicorn Plutonius, but they didn’t fit him so I sent them to charity. I think I really made a difference, though they sent them back, telling me that they were for ‘the gay horses with horns’. I thought it was silly since everyone knows that unicorns only have ONE horn, but whatever.

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