If You Could Have Any Animal As a Pet, Which Would You Choose?

exotic pet A woman’s chimp was recently taken away – certain exotic animals can’t be kept as pets, after all. But if you could have ANY animal as a pet, which would you choose and why? Tweet!

What about you? If you could have any animal, exotic or otherwise as a pet, which would you choose? Let us know what you think!

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23 Responses to If You Could Have Any Animal As a Pet, Which Would You Choose?

  1. istaykoo says:

    I have to say a red …
    I have to say a red fox, and its possible if you live in Russia! Just imagine walking a fox down the street.

  2. BrotherAlpha says:

    Emperor Scorpion.
    Emperor Scorpion.

  3. MrMrPWN says:

    A miniature …
    A miniature giraffe, like in that one Direct TV commercial.

  4. Syrnian says:

    Polar Bear, Brown …
    Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Eastern Lowland Gorilla or a Siberian Tiger.
    Could you imagine if someone broke into your house and they came face to face with a full grown male Gorilla? That would be hilarious.

  5. Abdul Gemayyel says:

    I would have a …
    I would have a modern female full-option homo-sapien.

  6. Insanetoaster says:

    i”d have a hunting …
    i”d have a hunting falcon

  7. Shmootle says:

    My friend got a …
    My friend got a hedgehog thinking it was cute and nice, it’s the worst pet ever. everywhere, gets coils in the carpet that you constantly step on, if it gets off it can hurt you, ect.

  8. sighrd says:

    Sorry for stepping …
    Sorry for stepping on your dreams there John. Zoology nerds are the worst for that. Fear not your dreams of owning a ridiculously lethal extinct canine just like Ghost and his siblings are not totally dead. Epicyon haydeni was just such a creature with all the matching dimensions. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! They come with a bonus insane bite force due to the their Hyena like teeth and jaws. If Grey Wind had that, the Greatjon would have lost more than a few fingers….

  9. Sterling Brown says:

    Snow Leopard. Or …
    Snow Leopard. Or Black Panther.

  10. Marcis Edwards says:

    I want a Dragon.
    I want a Dragon.

  11. Tina248829 says:

    I would love a …
    I would love a Siberian cat.

  12. Alwaystay InTheLoop says:

    Looking for a job? …
    Looking for a job? Doesn’t pay but it’s funnnnn!

  13. melissainnovascotia says:

    Elephant. …
    Elephant. Intelligent and emotional.

  14. LieutenantDoctorzero says:

    Toothless from How …
    Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon!!!

  15. simplydotjc says:

    Pi~ka~chu…. my …
    Pi~ka~chu…. my electriicity bill

  16. CanadianVikingLady says:

    I want a fox!
    I want a fox!

  17. lAmWatchingYou says:

    A human, obviously. …
    A human, obviously. I’ve always wanted a human slave… I mean pet.

  18. creamgravy1 says:

    LOL I thought the …
    LOL I thought the same thing..

  19. creamgravy1 says:

    Fennec Fox. DEM …

  20. BushidoBrownSama says:

    As for real animals …
    As for real animals Cheetahs by far, if possible I would love to cross breed or splice one with a domestic cat so I can have that majestic beauty in a cute cuddly package. The bengal cat is a not so very close second

  21. Octane64 says:

    I would not have …
    I would not have that problem with the honey badger, because the honey badger knows who to fear.

  22. PrUnEJuIcEtHeThIrD says:

    Lol how could I …
    Lol how could I forget about the honey badger?

    I want a honey badger because IT DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK. Well, actually that could be a problem as a pet, but w/e.

  23. ButterflyChristie says:

    I’d love to have …
    I’d love to have those tigers with white, and black fur, and blue eyes. They are beautiful animals. We just need to genetically engineer them to not attack people lol, then I’d find one right away.

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