Exotic pet store – Ottawa (Pet Circus)

exotic pet In this video I show you my local pet store in Ottawa. I have wanted to make a video on their store for quite some time now but just never had time to visit the store. They are the friendliest pet store in Ottawa that I know, take great care of their pets, have a good selection of animals and supplies, even exotics which is sometimes hard to find locally. While the store might be small it is definitely worth checking out if you live in Ottawa. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.

Duration : 0:16:21

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5 Responses to Exotic pet store – Ottawa (Pet Circus)

  1. Kara Watson says:

    that chameleon was …
    that chameleon was freaking awesome! sweet vid bro.

  2. RussianTorts says:

    Thank you
    Thank you

  3. RussianTorts says:

    Believe me so do I, …
    Believe me so do I, but getting to hold all the reptiles was pretty awesome on its own :)

  4. organicgardening987 says:

    That chameleon was …
    That chameleon was awesome! My pet store doesn’t have so many exotic pets like yours does. But i WANT that chameleon! :)

  5. webscaped says:

    Awesome video, …
    Awesome video, really great :-)

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