Why Obesity In Your Pet Is Just As Dangerous As It Is For You

The issue of human obesity is the focus of many people thanks to all of the media campaigns and advertisements that constantly warn of the dangers of being overweight. Obesity can lead to diabetes, heart attacks and a myriad of other problems. A healthy diet and regular exercise will combat the problem and bring a person’s risk of disease down appreciably.

The same principle applies to pets. It may seem cute to see an overweight cat waddle by or a pudgy dog breathing hard just when it walks into a room. Their obesity is just as dangerous to them as it is to humans. Dogs and cats can both get diabetes and heart disease so it’s important to make sure that they eat a healthy diet and receive plenty of exercise.

One of the causes for animals to become overweight is due to them being fed table food along with their regular pet food. It’s hard to say no to an animal that approaches you with big pleading eyes, begging for some of your steak or pizza and it may seem harmless to give them some just so that they won’t look so sad. Another mistake that people make in this regard is to scoop up the leftovers after a meal and give them to the animal. This can easily contribute not only to the pet’s obesity but other health problems as well.

Pet food contains all of the nutrients that an animal needs but human food does not and can also cause digestive problems with an animal. Some people think its ok to give their dogs lots of bones but these bones can chip off and stick in the intestines of the dogs, especially hollow bones such as chicken bones.

Lack of exercise is another problem for pets especially if they are inside pets. Animals that have a yard to run around in are able to get lots of exercise as they explore their territory. Inside pets don’t have this privilege but that can be remedied by taking them for long walks and allowing them to run around in a park that allows animals to be unleashed.

Cats are exceptionally lazy creatures that prefer a good nap to actually getting exercise. This is especially true for inside cats. However, you can provide your cat with exercise by buying one of the many toys that are designed with cat exercise in mind.

Many of these toys have a string with a fake mouse or a feather attached to it. You can dangle it in front of the cat to get its attention and they will invariably start to swipe at it with their paws. Drag it around the floor and they will give chase as though it were a real animal. Do this regularly and soon your cat will be the slim and healthy animal it was meant to be.

Gregg Hall

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10 Responses to Why Obesity In Your Pet Is Just As Dangerous As It Is For You

  1. Joe B says:

    Did you fat people know that being fat and not smoking is just as dangerous as smoking?
    I am ticked off because I went into a drug store and got hassled by the clerk for buying a pack of cigarettes. I had quit when I was 25 and started back up 7 months ago because of some stress I had in my life. I am trying to quit and will, but for right now its getting me through the tough times. Anyway, the fat person at the cash register was giving me a hard time for buying a pack of cigarettes. I happened to exercise every day and went in there after a workout to buy another pack. She said, "so your celebrating your workout with a pack of cigarettes", and snickered. I wanted to knock her out. She was extremely fat and I’ll bet she has never worked out a day in her life. I wanted to tell her that being obese was just as dangerous as smoking. From being obese you are at risk of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and certain types of cancer. As a matter of fact, I am a light smoker as it is. Anyway you fat people need to note that your obesity is just as dangerous as my temporary smoking habit!!….And atleast I exercise. The sad thing is even with my smoking I’ll bet I could run 3 miles 3 times as fast as her!!!

  2. Saallyy says:

    You should of told her
    Im sick of fat people thinkng their so much better than everyone else!
    References :

  3. jezabel princess says:

    it probably made her feel better to knock you
    References :

  4. La_Serena says:

    That’s really irritating, as a former smoker, I always hated it when people gave me crap about it. But posting this here, is really screwed up. You should confront the clerk and not generalize all fat people. Who the hell is she to tell you anything?
    References :

  5. pines204 says:

    Yes, most obese people realize that. She was but one person, now you are mad at the world about it. Did thin people that smoke think just because one fat person ticked them off, that every fat person in the world thinks the way she does? Shrug it off, and pat yourself on the back for realizing what YOU did… most likely she didn’t!
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  6. thatartistwin says:

    You should have responded:

    "You are a fatass underpaid employee here to serve me and not tell me what to do. So shove another donut into your cake hole and start tippy tapping your fat sausage fingers on the register and get me out of here with my purchase before your stomach starts grumbling again and you start looking at my leg like a chicken drumstick".
    References :
    hate rude store clerks

    PS penguine: you have no idea whether he smokes around other people either so if you think he is assuming you are too.

  7. penguine.soup says:

    First of you have no idea whether she works out or not. There are a lot of fat people who are trying to get in better shape.

    Secondly smoking and obesity are equally bad, however smoking also also harms other people around you.

    Anyway I’m not obese, nor do I smoke. So I think I’m in a good position to be perfectly non biased here.
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  8. Virg says:

    I agree with you. I am a skinny smoker and I will out-run any fatty. People should mind their own business, and when they don’t, you should give them a taste of their own medicine. She made you feel bad, send it right back. Say, "Oh, I didn’t realize smoking was unhealthy, maybe I’ll just go grab a couple cheesburgers, a chocolate cake, and a pint of ice cream and go sit on the couch watching soap opera’s instead. See you tomorrow, try not to have a heart attack while I’m gone." You gotta have a comeback for these people that think they are here to tell you how to live your life. You definitely should have said something, now your only course of action is to vent on Y/A!
    I am also sick of people saying smoking is bad for everyone else. That is only if you are an ars-whole and smoke in public places. I only smoke where it will not bother anyone.
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  9. EMILY IV says:

    The damage caused by smoking is PERMANENT. Your lungs don’t repair themselves once you’ve stopped. With obesity, you lose the weight, your blood pressure decreases because your arteries unclog. On the whole, you can reverse most of the damage done. With smoking, you’ve damaged your body and that’s it. There’s no going back.

    Oh and FYI, like the fat cashier, you too are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and certain types of cancer. The amount you smoke is irrelevent. You could be a 40-a-dayer or a 5-a-dayer and you’re still at risk. I think you need to do your research mate. I’m not overweight, nor do I smoke and I run just under 8miles daily. Not so smug now are you?
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  10. Joshua H says:

    So why didn’t you? I would have looked at her and said, "You know, your’e absolutely right. This is terrible for me. Why don’t you and I improve our health together? I’ll stop smoking, and you can stop eating like a Hereford hog." Or at least that’s what I’d wish I’d said afterwards, LOL.
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