Top 10 Funny and Cute Dog Videos

cute pet Some of the cutest and funniest puppies and dogs from the web in no particular order


Leave suggestions for more cute animal videos in the comments and rank which video you think is the cutest and funniest.

Duration : 0:1:52

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25 Responses to Top 10 Funny and Cute Dog Videos

  1. willcvideo7 says:

    Cutest puppies EVER …
    Cutest puppies EVER! check out my goldendoodle puppy Bella! If we get 6 subscribers we’ll post another video!

  2. RReederHunt says:

    I like the little …
    I like the little puppy trying to howl in the opening seconds.

  3. parvej042 says:

    very entelijent dog
    very entelijent dog

  4. Bella TheShitzu says:

    What a cutie! Hey …
    What a cutie! Hey all, check out my channel for my shitzu BELLA the cutie pie! If I get up to 5 subscribers, I will have Bella add another video! See you there!  :)

  5. millers3888 says:

    It’s actually kind …
    It’s actually kind of creepy how clearly that dog said I love you at 0:56

  6. millers3888 says:

    It was actually …
    It was actually kind of creepy how clearly that dog said I love you at 0:56

  7. Radhika Rathore says:

    So sweeeeeeet !!!!! …
    So sweeeeeeet !!!!!! -3

  8. alcanceboxers says:

    Good stuff!!!
    Good stuff!!!

  9. dodo bambi says:

    last one; RAAPPEEE …
    last one; RAAPPEEE :O

  10. Bobby Robins says:

    Hey guy, I’m new to …
    Hey guy, I’m new to YouTube. Please check out my channel/videos – I have my puppy Chihuahua, Joey eating a chew stick…. Mega cute :)
    - I also have Whippets.

    Thank you!!!!!

  11. Carla Streicher says:

    Had a laugh attack …
    Had a laugh attack but also a cute moment!

  12. Karla Maldonado says:


  13. lucyjbune says:

    End one.. How many …
    End one.. How many dogs??

  14. Mellinia Belf says:

    SSSOOO cute! Love …
    SSSOOO cute! Love it!

  15. saigeL100 says:

    Omg  so cute
    Omg  so cute

  16. mordakischiffer325 says:

    i love the ending.. …
    i love the ending….their like a group of hungry dogs coming to get ur flesh mwuhahahaa *jk jk*

  17. EmmyMaybe says:

    Peach Beach and …
    Peach Beach and Daisy’s Cruise from Mario Kart: Double Dash! My guess just from hearing it :)

  18. Autumn Cannon says:

    My fav part is when …
    My fav part is when the dog run in to the wall it’s funny and sad at the same time

  19. AjoVetClinic says:

    Great compliation! …
    Great compliation! I’m going to share it on our facebook page @ Ajo Veterinary Clinic.

  20. Ally Grubman says:

    Sooooo cute!!!!!!!❤ …
    Sooooo cute!!!!!!!❤ I luv the dog that runs into the wall!!!! So funny, yet sad!!!!!!

  21. Blonde Cast says:

    look at all dem …
    look at all dem puppies!!!!!!!!

  22. f1r31337 says:

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  23. Kyouko Kasodani says:

    So cute!
    So cute!

  24. Nicola Scuccimarri says:

    Yeah, pretty sure …
    Yeah, pretty sure that is music from Mario Kart…

  25. Trevor Dyer says:

    all of these should …
    all of these should be number 1, especially the dachund and the tennisball

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