Our Cute Pet Rabbit (^_^)

I just made a video because our pet is so so cute she is just 1 and half months
her name is PANKY

Duration : 0:2:12

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9 Responses to Our Cute Pet Rabbit (^_^)

  1. Pivotuserguy105 says:


  2. Lauren Joy says:

    I love my rabbit! …
    I love my rabbit! She is adorable! Her name is Lilly Bud! Check out my video of her!

  3. jwilliams84126 says:

    So so very Cute.
    So so very Cute.

  4. jwilliams84126 says:

    It’s so so cute.
    It’s so so cute.

  5. zaidster88 says:

    The rabbit is like …
    The rabbit is like wtf is she doing with my arm lol.

  6. susan beech says:

    Aww ur rabbit Is so …
    Aww ur rabbit Is so cute,  mine lays like that I thought something was wrong at first but he’s turned out to be mire like a cat he lives laying on my knee having a cuddle lol :)

  7. Shahrukh F. says:

    0:17 she’s looking …
    0:17 she’s looking into your soul

  8. kjw41309 says:


  9. nadia bryce says:

    that is tooooo cute
    that is tooooo cute

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