cute pet Compilation video of hilarious dog videos from around the Internet. Final video under K. Hump Productions before it was renamed 2M Media.

Duration : 0:8:37

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24 Responses to FUNNY DOG VIDEOS

  1. kidneyfailureindogs says:


  2. wareesha natasha says:

    funny :)
    funny :)

  3. MarcyHoran1D says:

    I love butterball …
    I love butterball so cute

  4. zachie1999 says:

    I like the last …
    I like the last one
    :-) :-) :-) :-)

  5. justbeingme405 says:

    i like the 3rd and …
    i like the 3rd and the last one

  6. slimemable says:

    2nd one is so cute
    2nd one is so cute

  7. laurenbrockie03 says:


  8. codkingmike says:


  9. nekopii says:

    LOL!!! The last one …
    LOL!!! The last one made me laugh soo hard! xD

  10. Shivdeep Singh says:

    That tail didn’t …
    That tail didn’t died…!!!

  11. Canis familiaris says:

    The beagle was the …
    The beagle was the cutest! <3

  12. TheMANkanal says:

    That was cute
    That was cute

  13. T4Z87 says:

    how the was …
    how the was that funny at all it was cute that is all

  14. PsychOYuuki says:

    They’re so cute!!!!
    They’re so cute!!!!

  15. Владимир Ковалевский says:

    Like only for …
    Like only for Detroit Rock City Song)) \m/

  16. whitepittbull101 says:

    Wasn’t a funny vid. …
    Wasn’t a funny vid. Good luck with your other vids man!


  17. oliver spicer says:

    Cute and funny
    Cute and funny

  18. Matt Thompson says:

    Not one funny video …
    Not one funny video, that’s ten minutes my daughter and me aren’t going to get back!

  19. Amtrak2051 says:

    What was the name …
    What was the name of the song at the end?

  20. Andrew Burns says:

    These videos are …
    These videos are not funny or interesting.

  21. markydjos says:

    what’s funny about …
    what’s funny about these videos???

  22. lizardsweets says:


  23. bulldog43123 says:

    not at all funny …
    not at all funny you jack ass

  24. Aziz0evaa0park1 says:

    Paris Hilton @ 00: …
    Paris Hilton @ 00:58

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