Cute Sickness – Kitten on a Keyboard

cute pet The best fans deserve the cutest clips. But be careful. These videos are so cute, it may make you sick.
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Anime watches as a human disrupts a puppy and kitty tender moment, she indulges in a vanilla goat dog sundae, a kitten who sucks at using a straw, and thanks her fans for being soooooo great!

By Ryan Kemp and Jessica Porper

Duration : 0:3:23

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25 Responses to Cute Sickness – Kitten on a Keyboard

  1. macaminor says:

    btw one of the …
    btw one of the cutest vids ever!:))) vanilla dog and goat reminds me that anime has not told us yet what is up with her gingerness and that ginger corgi doggy in that framed picture!:P

  2. macaminor says:

    hey people! why …
    hey people! why either…or? i love the cat, however she sounds! yes, you have to get through the old voice, this one is not bad and i say this being a huge fan of the old one but you haters should really discard this whole argument!

  3. MrRoad5 says:

    3:24 Did you see …
    3:24 Did you see what the cat just did???

  4. ViolKitty says:

    I am honored to be …
    I am honored to be one of your Super Subscribers.

  5. Silver Ascension says:



    EH im getting used …
    EH im getting used to the new voice i like when she said <3 <3

  7. Jessstar666 says:

    Just noticed your ” …
    Just noticed your “hang in there” poster ;) Another great video, getting better each time :)

  8. Lucy Dalziel says:

    Just because you …
    Just because you like it better, doesn’t mean that everybody should. I’m entitled to my opinion as long as I voice it politely and reasonably:
    I’ve really tried to get into the new voice but I just can’t. It gets on my nerves and at times it’s so high pitched it hurts. I feel bad for the actress that’s voicing him because she is obviously trying really hard.
    And I’m not some sod who hates everything new either. When honest trailers changed their voice, I got used to it. I even like it now.

  9. mybookworm2 says:

    I didn’t know the …
    I didn’t know the old voice, but I adore your new voice!

  10. eleones says:

    Sorry, but the …
    Sorry, but the voice over is ANNOYING. First rule of comedy… don’t force it.

  11. Angela Nicole says:

    getting used to …
    getting used to the new voice! i luv

  12. IWatchestheWatchmen says:


  13. CzechFitnessGirl says:

    super cute!
    super cute!

  14. Grace Bennett says:

    I sent u a picture …
    I sent u a picture of my kitten loki

  15. Communitychanle says:

    How are you SO …
    How are you SO ADORABLE?

  16. strawberrybananaluv says:

    Anime. I have one …
    Anime. I have one thing to say to you…… YOUR SO FLUFFLY!

  17. dawnndaisies says:

    What is your …
    What is your favorite hiding spot, Anime?

  18. Lilah Blood says:


  19. twylaspencer says:

    When I was first …
    When I was first introduced to Anime, I hated that voice! I didn’t think it fit. I finally got used to it, and accepted it. Then it changed! I had a hard time accepting that new voice! Now that I have had some time to adjust – I “love ” it! This voice fits her much better!!!! Love you Anime!!

  20. slcolby says:

    Awwwww Your soo …
    Awwwww Your soo cute Anime!

  21. spaniel1033 says:

    dear anime what …
    dear anime what kind of cat breed are you

  22. CloverPuppyFanClub says:

    well too bad …
    well too bad everyone likes her!

  23. CloverPuppyFanClub says:

    Dear Anime, Do you …
    Dear Anime, Do you like Pup Direction?

  24. espeon321 says:

    Anime…your so …
    Anime…your so fluffing lucky to be so fluffing FLUFFY! My cat is very jealous of you!

  25. JenAshxDuh says:

    I like both voices, …
    I like both voices, but I think this one fits Anime better. The other one was comedic, no explanation necessary but this one is more cartoony, so I like it.

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