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Jack Russell puppy scratching his nose and playing SERIOUSLY CUTE WATCH

My 2 months old Jack Russell puppy playing. He is definitely crazy. Duration : 0:2:21

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Small Pet Haul & Q&A Video!

Hey guys! So please leave questions down below! Look out for more videos soon! Also please leave video requests because I’m out of ideas! :D Duration : 0:3:49

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What kind of small pets are there?

I’m curious to know what other Small Pets there are in local pet stores besides cockatiels, mice, and fish. For Christmas, I’d like to get a small pet (my family is allergic to fur, so they can’t be dogs or … Continue reading

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Which small pet is less likely to destroy carpet and furniture?

I want to get a Small Pet. My hamster just died and I don’t want to get another hamster. I want a pet that is friendly, playful, and fairly easy to care for. The only problem is that my family … Continue reading

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HoliDIY: Cute Gifts You Can Make For Your Small Pet!

Hey guys!! I did 3 different types of gifts you can make your Small Pet for christmas. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make them happy :) Mine loved all of these! Duration : 0:3:47

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whats a good small pet that will be good with babys in the house?

a Small Pet like a really little dog or something but i dont want it to be in a cage or in a htch the while time i want it to be able to be with me in the middle … Continue reading

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How to Handle & Tame a mean / aggressive / scared hedgehog

I talk about how to start handling a ‘mean’ hedgehog. Duration : 0:9:1

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How can i pursuade my mum to let me have a small pet?

i used to have a rat called rozii, but she had to go because she was pregnant. after that i never had 1 again! i feel left out because my brother got a kitten and i’m not allowd anything… my … Continue reading

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Small Pet Colab ~*~*Open*~*~

Hiii guys Bunluv101/SevenFurtasticBunLuvers here so Leets get this straight lol i amd doing a Bunny Colab and a Small animals one this one so dont get confused the videos Are slightly diffrent i reall need people and there small animals … Continue reading

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What are some good small pets to own?

I want to get a Small Pet not like a dog or a cat. Got any ideas? I dont want another hamster and cant have a ferret :( Unless you have a lot of time don’t get a rabbit or … Continue reading

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