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Is it normal for hermit crabs to lose their arms?

I have 3 hermit crabs that I purchased about 4 months ago and they have been really Cute Pets and they have never had problems before, but today when I woke up and went to clean their bedding, there was … Continue reading

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Watch Them.Funny Pets.

Dog,Cat and Bunnies..Funny Pets colletions in different actions.Doing funny faces and tricks.I am a pet lover and I have different kinds of pets. Duration : 0:2:1

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Is it weird to call a guy you like an angel?

Is it too girly? What are some other Cute Pet names for a guy if that doesn’t work? haha im a guy and my names gabriel and i love it so i somehow doubt a guy would have any problem … Continue reading

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Check out my other corgi videos !! This is our dog , her name is Lucy Lu … She loves having her belly rubbed sooooo much , she begs , and begs , and begs , for more ! Watch … Continue reading

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What are some pet names i could call my boyfriend, nick?

His name is nic , without the k and i want a Cute Pet name for him that involves his name. Something besides nicky or nickypoo ;) What can u come up with? :D nicopotamus nicotine… get it? Because he’s … Continue reading

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What are some good nicknames for the name Maylene?

I would like to find some Cute Pet/nicknames for the name Maylene. Me and my friends came up with May and Mayflower but thats about it. Can anyone else think of any? Lena (Lee-na) Lene Lee Meena Meenie Maney

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Funny food critic pug dog

Pablo the Pug is a professional food critic who travels the world testing his sensitive palate at the most prestigious restaurants across the globe. NOTE: Do NOT feed your pet strange foods as some types can be toxic for dogs. … Continue reading

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Help with names to call my boyfriend in this play fight?

Ok, so I’m not looking for cute pet names it’s not that kind of fight. Some of the names we’ve called each other are butt monkey, a** cracker, dick face, mega sperm and that list goes on for a while..Please … Continue reading

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What pets need a harness and leash?

I was just about to get a ferret but my mom changed her mind and I really want a Cute Pet the can have a harness and leash and I dont really want a bunny but I sort of do. … Continue reading

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Pickpocketing Puppy

A dog is a pro at getting paid! For more hilarious pet videos check out Follow Petsami on Twitter Become a fan of Petsami on Facebook Check out these great deals on Frontline Products from Petsami: For … Continue reading

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