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Where can I play with puppies/kittens for free without adopting?

I went to the SPCA, and it used to be that you can open any door and play with the Cute Pets so that they can get attention and I loved it. However, I recently went and you now have … Continue reading

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Compilation video of hilarious dog videos from around the Internet. Final video under K. Hump Productions before it was renamed 2M Media. Duration : 0:8:37

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Which dog do would make a better pet?

A samoyed or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? I honestly love both but can’t decide. Cavaliers have health problems and cost a fortune but make for beautiful Cute Pets that love there owners. Samoyeds shed like crazy and tend to … Continue reading

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Where can you find some cool pet websights?

I love dogs and Cute Pets and i want to see more pictures and things and maybe even websights with really fun games and maybe like you can dress it up and stuff it has ADORABLE pics that will … Continue reading

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Funny Dog Plays Tug of War Video

Cute Dog Plays Tug of War Video. Khloe wants her Soccer Ball back and will not give up until she wins, she loves her Soccer Ball! Give Khloe a Thumbs Up for being a COOL DOG! Some info on Khloe’s … Continue reading

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Why do people waste money by clothing their pets?

when they could clothe the homeless? Come on people, help your fellow man before you vainly display your greed of having the cutest pet and your lust of the cutest pet. I bought clothes for my unicorn Plutonius, but they … Continue reading

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Funny Animal – Crazy dog interacts with TV

I stopped a movie and walked away for a moment. I then heard the dog barking and when I turned around, she was doing this. So I grabbed a camera. This was her real reaction to the TV. Watch her … Continue reading

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What pet should I get for my birthday?

My friend is getting me a pet for my birthday. I am not allow to get a dog or cat. I want a good behavior pet. I love turtles and fish. But I want to know your guys option. I … Continue reading

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What’s some of the cutest things your pet does?

I love to hear Cute Pet stories. = ) One of my cat’s, Mousie, like to play with our hamsters in their play yard (supervised of course). She was originally named Kawala, but after she was found in the bathtub … Continue reading

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Top 10 Funny and Cute Dog Videos

Some of the cutest and funniest puppies and dogs from the web in no particular order PLEASE THUMBS UP! Leave suggestions for more cute animal videos in the comments and rank which video you think is the cutest and funniest. … Continue reading

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