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How do you fix dry skin on a dog?

Our dog’s had dry skin ever since he was a puppy. Even the vet said it’s not fleas. We’ve tried a little baby oil in his bath water, but it helps only so long. Does anyone have any ideas on … Continue reading

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Is BARF diet the reason my friends American Staffs coat is so shiny?

My friend has a gorgeous AmStaff. He’s 75lbs of muscle, with the shiniest coat I’ve ever seen. Is BARF diet why he looks so great? Is BARF diet that good for dogs health and appearance? Or is it genetic? A … Continue reading

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What small pet would you recommend and why?

I’ll be turning fourteen in a month and I have been researching all kinds of small pets/rodents since I was maybe ten. My parents have considered it, but for the moment are still against it. I’ve researched probably all small … Continue reading

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Any good sites where I can have a virtual pet online?

You know, where you can ‘adopt’ a Cute Pet, keep it happy, buy it food, enter contests, decorate it’s home, dress it up, etc. I want an active community, and a community that has a decent playerbase! (I don’t want … Continue reading

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