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Pomeranian Paralyzed by Sweater Dress – FUNNY!!

Leeloo is a 3 year old Pomeranian and she LOVES wearing clothes. We just bought this sweater and it was a little snug on her and it turned into a full blown laugh attack on my part! Yes, that is … Continue reading

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Emergency Dog Health Care How to Treat Dog Stomach Problems click here Duration : 0:3:15

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Small pet haul

hope you enjoyed everyone please enter animallover2346′s 100 subscribers contest. Duration : 0:3:34

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10 Dangerous Exotic Pets

The United With Animal Protection Institute issued a report of incidents involving captive held animals, which provided an interesting background report to base the list upon. There are also stories like this in papers around the world concerning the practice … Continue reading

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Compilation video of hilarious dog videos from around the Internet. Final video under K. Hump Productions before it was renamed 2M Media. Duration : 0:8:37

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how do i remove dog wee from a wooden floor. it has left a brown stain?

my dog has peed on a wooden floor marking his territory in 5 small places. his pee has left a brwon stain that will not lift with any floor cleaner, can someone suggst any alternative treatments? If your dog urinated … Continue reading

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What do you think about pet insurance?

I have an elderly dog and many books on aging dogs suggest I get pet insurance. After researching the cost of care for older dogs and other factors, I have come to agree with this suggestion. Can anyone tell me … Continue reading

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Which dog do would make a better pet?

A samoyed or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? I honestly love both but can’t decide. Cavaliers have health problems and cost a fortune but make for beautiful Cute Pets that love there owners. Samoyeds shed like crazy and tend to … Continue reading

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What can I do to keep my dog cool during the summer?

My poor dog seems to be overheating lately, (it’s not uncommon, it’s about 100 degrees constantly) and I don’t know a way I can keep her cool. I tried putting a fan on her, but she didn’t like it, it … Continue reading

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Those who breed working dogs and those who purchase working dogs from breeders?

Those who breed working dogs, are your dogs health tested? What about those who purchase working dogs from breeders? Are their dogs health tested too? If yes, what kind of health tests have they gone through? Just wondering…….. I only … Continue reading

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