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CosmoUnit – pet costume, dog clothes

CosmoUnit – pet costume, dog clothes * Contact : Kim, Doo-Hyang (, +82-2-2632-8227) Duration : 0:0:42

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Pet Product Acts Pet Insurance Policy & Keeps Dog Healthy

Patented pet product acts like a pet health insurance policy and keeps dogs healthy. Duration : 0:1:19

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Review: Rotastak Small Pet Christmas Stocking

Please visit this website if you would like to purchase the Christmas Stocking. Rotastak Christmas Small Animal Stocking Christmas Stocking for Small Animals Stocking for bunnies, rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils & Rats. Duration : 0:18:55

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Tim Harrison – Response to Ohio Exotic Pet Ban

Tim Harrison responds to the Exotic Pet ban to be signed by Ohio Governor Duration : 0:2:51

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Amazing Funny Dog Tricks, Dog Training

This video shows some of the tricks I have been working on recently with Kiko and Splash. Some of the more interesting ones are, teaching Splash to look left and look right, teaching her how to skip, and how to … Continue reading

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How do I get rid of dog & cigarette smells infested in apartment?

I am moving into a new apartment, and the previous tennant has been keeping her five dogs in there, so the whole apartment smells like dog. It’s a clean and nice apartment, and the dogs have not been doing their … Continue reading

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What foods can be harmful to dogs?

What foods can be harmful to a dogs health? I have a Volpino Italiano that is over a year old, if you needed to know more. Other than grapes or onions, what other fruits and should i keep away from … Continue reading

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What are some cute small pets I could get since I cant have a dog or cat in my apt?

Small Pets besides fish, birds, bunnies, insects, and snakes. ferretferretferretferret! my boys bounce around & are really the sweetest critters. they sleep about 20 hrs of the day, but when they’re awake… holy cow, it’s a chaotic free-for-all. keep the … Continue reading

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What kind of exotic pets can I own legally in Idaho and California?

I currently live in Idaho and I will be of to college soon and I would like to know what Exotic Pets can buy. If someone would hep me with an answer that would be great. Many in Idaho and … Continue reading

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What is a really fun and cute anime rpg game?

I don’t really want to play in groups but rather more solo adventuring but with Cute Pets and cool mounts and a bit of exploring. I love anime as long as it’s done well. Thanks so much …

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