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My Pets are Safe on Road! Thanks to Pet Safety Lights

No doubt! Pets are man’s best friend. But are we also our pet’s Friend let alone Best Friends. “Pet Dogs getting run over by Motorists” is not the news even media is willing to publish. Generally its not that motorists … Continue reading

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Getting the Right Temperature to Raise Your Pet

So, you want to get an exotic pet, huh? Maybe you are bushed of your reliable dog and you’re good old cat. Maybe the bird joyfully peeping outer your transom isn’t good enough for you anymore. You want more challenge … Continue reading

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Learn To Take The Stress Out Of Taking Your Dog To The Vets

Taking your pet to the veterinarians’ office can be an adventure all on its own. There are so many sights, sounds, smells and other sensations that your pet can easily become quite excited or agitated to the point that control … Continue reading

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MATCHING CLOTHES FOR DOGS & OWNER We specialize in the hottest, yet affordable, trends from matching coats/jackets to logo and imaging tees. We are a one of a kind company that not only offers fresh, funky and fabulous apparel for dogs but for their lovely … Continue reading

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Health Chat – Topic: Stroke Victim and his Dog Gracie – Leonard and Mike Montgomery

How his dog Gracie and gardening are part of Dad’s therapy in recovering from his stroke. Taped on 5/16/2012. Cabin Creek Clinic “Health Chat”. Host: James Thibeault, Guest: Mike Montgomery. Charleston, WV. Duration : 0:15:37 Technorati Tags: Dog, health, rehab, … Continue reading

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Small pet haul: guinea pig supplies

All items were bought with my own money. Duration : 0:7:27 Technorati Tags: at, bargains, guinea, Guinea Pig (Animal), Haul, home, hutch, Pet, Pet (Website Category), pets, pig, shopping, small

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Exotic Animals Breeding This video’s propose is for educational, and informational use. It contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing Viewer Discretion is Advised! Duration : 0:4:39 Technorati Tags: Africa, animals, breeding, CAT, Cats, crocodile, deer, Dogs, Elephant, Elephants, fighting, fights, … Continue reading

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Boo – The Cutest Dog In The World – Cave Dweller This is not my dog and I did not shoot this video, but it had to be uploaded to YouTube. “My second favorite thing (next to wearing shirts): small enclosed spaces” Duration : 0:0:26 Technorati Tags: Boo, cute … Continue reading

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What would be the best small pet for living on a boat?

My husband and I are planning on buying a sailboat and living aboard it soon. I want a Small Pet to live aboard with us! But, I’m not sure what pet or breed to get. Any ideas? I was thinking … Continue reading

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“Dogs In Clothes” the Song

This subject is very near and dear to my heart, and the only way it can be properly expressed is through song. Written and performed by Charlsey Miller. Originally performed by Charlsey live at The Second City’s Skybox Theater in … Continue reading

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