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How to best remove dog’s blood from cloth car seats?

I used a cold cloth with a dab of dish soap,but in case the stains start to show again, what would best get them out? Thanks! Peroxide gets blood out….

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Is the irish terrier dog a health breed?

Is the irish terrier dog a health breed or not? If not a health breed please tell me what the health issue are. Thanks All dogs HAVE health problems regardless, NO dog is going to be healthy 100% of the … Continue reading

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What kind of small pet should I get?

I have been looking into getting a new pet, since my gerbil passes about two weeks ago. I was looking into bunnies but we got worried that they would get a heart attack and die too quickly considering we have … Continue reading

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Is there a very unique exotic pet for cheap in the Belton Texas area for sale?

Is anyone living in the Belton, Texas area (can be Temple, Killeen, and anywhere close to Belton) selling a baby sugar glider for cheap? Asking less than $100. Will be in a very loving home! Or a different Exotic Pet … Continue reading

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Whats a cute pet name to call my boyfriend?

I don’t want to call him baby or babe all the time, I want to call him something like smuckums . You should call him your cute little blumpkin.

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Designer Dog Clothes

Bolivian designer makes luxury canine clothing. If you want to see your pets on our channel send in your videos to: ______________________________________________________________ Why don’t you come and join Uzoo on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with … Continue reading

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Dog Health Care : Heartworm Prevention for Dogs & Puppies

Learn how to prevent heart worms and intestinal parasites in your dog or puppy in this free video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu … Continue reading

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Bathing Your Pet Guinea Pig

Instructional video showing how to properly bathe your pet guinea pig. This is the full length version. A shorter length version of this instructional video is available at our YouTube channel. About us: Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, Inc, is … Continue reading

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Steven and Chris Play With Adorable Exotic Zoo Animals

Steven and Chris celebrate their 500th episode by welcoming animal keeper Mike Peers and his adorable exotic animal friends: a lemur, a white-handed gibbon and a baboon. Duration : 0:8:9 Technorati Tags: CBC, Steven and Chris

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Very funny dog! Really determined too…[ORIGINAL]

Thanks to the Dog’s Trust rehoming centre at Roden for this beautiful, and entertaining dog! **UPDATE** For everyone wishing to know what kind of dog he is, my parents saw one that looks almost identical on a program called … Continue reading

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