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my dog has hot ears and chewing and eating cloth whats wrong?

Last night she had hot ears, was agitated, walked constantly and chewed and swallowed, a corner of a blanket her bed cover and part of the stuffing, a curtain and licked the floor and our leather furniture. Today here ears … Continue reading

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Is feeding your dog used chewing tobacco bad for its health?

My friend is an avid tobacco chewer, and instead of throwing out his used chew, he feeds it to his dog. He says this saves him money, and the dog enjoys it, but I’m worried for the dog’s health. Is … Continue reading

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Where can I purchase the small pet carrier boxes that you get from pet stores to transport your new pet in?

I’m going to be selling small animals and need something for the new owners to transport the pets in. I have a resale license so a wholesaler is prefered. Yes the cardboard ones are the ones I want. I’m looking … Continue reading

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I want an exotic pet that is EASY to take care of. What are my options?

Right now the only pets I have are cats. I want a small Exotic Pet that is easy to take care of, and doesn’t need much room. I also want an animal that could be handled easily, if I don’t … Continue reading

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Where can I buy little hamster or such small cute pet in Perth WA?

And generally how much? You can’t get hamsters in Australia, but you can get guinea pigs which are similar. Mice, rats, and rabbits are other cute Small Pets. Any pet store should have all those. When I bought guinea pigs, … Continue reading

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How to make a dog hoodie

Projects: My dog hates to dress up but since it’s getting a bit chilly outside, I have to be a mean mother and make him put on a sweater. I know the hood is, like, completely useless, but it … Continue reading

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Stop Puppy Farming

Kennel Club research has revealed that as many as one in three people may have unknowingly bought their puppy from a rogue breeder, as they hide behind the anonymity of the internet or sell their puppies through pet shops. These … Continue reading

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Expressing Small Dogs Anal glands!

Sign up for “FIDO’S TIPS” here Expressing a dogs anal glands is You Tube channel and our goal is to bring you tons of information on how to care for your dogs, how to house train, find good in … Continue reading

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Exotic Pets – Guinea Pig

Exotic Pets – Guinea Pig – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I am Beth Randall, and I am the director at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary. And this is a guinea pig. And they are native to … Continue reading

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Sheep attack Kitten! Sheeple Attacks Meesha funny cute pet video Dubstep Kitty Dub Step

Sheep attack Kitten! Sheeple Attacks Meesha funny Cute Pet video Dub Step Dubstep Kitty Duration : 0:1:11 Technorati Tags: attack, Attacks, CAT, Comedy, Cute, Cuteness, Dub, Dubstep, funny, Humour, KITTEN, kittens, kitty, Meesha, Pet, Playing, sheep, Sheeple, Step, video

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