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Love Concert Dog Hoodie by Pinkaholic- Beige

available at Duration : 0:1:40 Technorati Tags: dog clothes, dog hoodies, pet apparel, pinkaholic

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professional dental cleaning for dogs

OraVet works in an effective new way. It significantly reduces plaque and tartar formation by creating an invisible barrier that prevents bacteria from attaching to your pet’s teeth. This breakthrough approach to oral healthcare begins in the clinic with your … Continue reading

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The 2012 Burgess Small Pet Show With pet haul at the end!

Links to items and products shown in this video! Burgess Small Pet Show – Burgess Excel Nuggets, Hay and Hamster Food - Small Furry Pets Magazine – Bramley Cavies Guinea Pig Rescue – Chinchilla Shelves – … Continue reading

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Exotic Pet Snake in my Sister’s hair

my aunt got a new snake and it was hiding in my sister’s hair lol Duration : 0:2:7 Technorati Tags: animal, animals, Comedy, Crazy, Entertainment, exotic, fun, funny, Funny Laugh, Haha, hilarious, Hillarious, humor, Joke, Jokes, laugh, laughing, laughs, Laughter, … Continue reading

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Cutest Cat Ever Dries Her Face with a Towel

Cute kitty drinks from the faucet and then dries her face – on a towel! Smartest cat video ever! Duration : 0:0:42 Technorati Tags: animal tricks, CAT, cat dries her face on a towel, cat drinks from sink, cat … Continue reading

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my dog ate a cloth, will she be okay?

My dog Lucy’s favorite toy was a squeaky zebra toy we found a while back. over the months she’s been ripping him to bits, and as of a few minutes ago all that was intact of him to play with … Continue reading

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What are the health risks a dog in a shelter runs & for which I’ll have to check before bringing the dog home

I know nothing about dog diseases, I guess like cats, they’ll have certain vaccins and deworming every 6 months? I’m going to the animal shelter tomorrow and I need to make sure I don’t end up with a dog who … Continue reading

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I want a small pet, what type of small pets are available?

I want a Small Pet, but I can’t get a Guinea Pig, and probably not a hamster or bunny. I want something cute and gentle. What are my choices? Well, how old are you, and what kinds of pets have … Continue reading

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Finding an exotic pet shop that carries hedgehogs?

I’m looking to buy a hedgehog but I’m having a hard time finding an Exotic Pet shop in Eugene, Oregon that has hedgehogs, please help. This is a hedgie breeder in Eugene, OR:

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What are some cute pet names for a boy?

There is this guy that I like and might soon date. He calls me Kaybear (my name is Kayleigh). I want to call him something original and simple. His name is Jayson (yes with a y). Any advice? frankenstein dracula … Continue reading

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