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part 2- How to make a crochet chihuahua jumper- (Sweater coat) pet fashion

Here is the pattern for Meisha’s chihuahua jumper part 2! (Chihuahua Clothes, sweater) Duration : 0:9:23 Technorati Tags: arts, best, bieber, casting on, chain stitch, chichi, chihuahua, chihuahua clothes, crafts, crochet, crochet flower, crochet hat, crochet patterns, crochet stitch, crochet … Continue reading

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Healthy Dog Foods = Cute Dogs

Secrets to Dog Training: Dog Health Guide Know your pal’s infectious diseases 0001 Duration : 0:1:13 Technorati Tags: Dog Health, keep a dog healthy, making your dog healthy, Sarahvillaflor

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How to Choose a Small Pet – PetSmart

PetSmart’s pet expert, John G., explains the benefits of a Small Pet and why they make great pets. Check out the video and learn how to choose the right one for your family. Duration : 0:3:42 Technorati Tags: hamster rats … Continue reading

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Ohio Dangerous Exotics Pet Trade

It’s up to Ohio’s Governor Kasich and state lawmakers to ban the sale and ownership of dangerous Exotic Pets. Duration : 0:1:57 Technorati Tags: animals, cruelty, dangerous, exotic, HSUS Humane Society of the US, humane, Humane Society, Ohio, society, tragedy, … Continue reading

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My pet duck named Mervin

Video of me and my best friend Mervin…..RIP little guy ;( THANKS EVERYBODY FOR ALL THE COMMENTS!!!! You can Add me on facebook Duration : 0:2:49 Technorati Tags: duck, duck pet, Mervn, My pet duck named mervin, Pet … Continue reading

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How can I teach my dog to open and close a sliding glass door if I attach a cloth to the handle?

THANKS MUCH! :-) hm-mm I think i might know 1. Put some toy he really likes and won’t let go of on the end of the cloth, 2. Get him the bite it and hold on, 3. While that get … Continue reading

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Do you think dog health insurance is a good idea?

I just got a puppy recently and I heard about doggie health insurance. I’m debating whether or not to get it; my boyfriend doesn’t want to. But I think it’s a good idea if it doesn’t cost to much. Any … Continue reading

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What would be the best small pet for me?

I want to adopt a Small Pet, which small animal has the best temperment and which pet is the easiest to take care of? Besides a fish haha. A tick. They’re small, they feed themselves & you don’t have to … Continue reading

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What is the best exotic pet for 13 year old girl?

my Daughter is wanting a Exotic Pet we have tried goats but that did NOT work.I was thinking hatching baby ducks. But i need a Second opinion on it.she is VERY responsible. Go to your local pet store and see … Continue reading

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What are some cute pet names i can call my boyfriend?

he calls me love bug and i think thats ADORABLE. But i can never come up with anything better than baby.. which is preeetty lame. whats a cute name i can call him? Helloo. Well i usually go around With … Continue reading

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