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what does it mean when my dogs tears\destroys any type of cloth like dog beds,blankets,clothing?

does it have something to do with a phobia that he may have towards cloth and soft materials?or is it just part of him liking soft objects? He’s bored and needs more exercise.

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Are Commercial dog foods(canned and dry) responsible for the rapid deterioration of dog health since the 70′s?

Vets report more disease and much greater level of dental decay in dogs over the last 20 years. I hear in US they even have dog dentists for god’s sake! This coincides with the introduction of the widespread use of … Continue reading

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What kind of small pet would be best for me?

No toy dogs or cats. But I do want a pet that has personality, isn’t that noisy, and can be kept within a small environment such as one bedroom. A hamster! Hammies don’t make noises (unless they’re upset) & they’re … Continue reading

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What kind of exotic pet should i get?

I was thinking of getting a caiman but then i realized i shouldnt really get one . I was just wondering what type of Exotic Pet should i look for? A BIG CAT

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What is a cute pet name to call my 16 year old boyfriend?

We just started dating and he calls me baby, baby girl and babe. What would be cute to call him? boo. :)

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Dog Clothes – Dog Tanks

Chico and Milo’s Dog House: Dog clothes for big dogs and dog clothes for small dogs! Any size you need, we have it! We can put clothing on dogs from 1 to 200 lbs. Duration : 0:0:57 Technorati Tags: … Continue reading

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Dog Training – Training Your Dog To Pee And Poop On Command

Standing outside in the freezing cold or pouring rain waiting for your dog to pee is no fun. Learn how you can train your dog to go on command. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve … Continue reading

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Small dog goes crazy!

Chihuahua attacks big guy. Duration : 0:4:6 Technorati Tags: chihuahua, Dog, fighting, funny, little, Playing

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A VIDEO PIC SLIDE SHOW OF MY SNAKES SPIDERS AND SCORPIONS Duration : 0:9:51 Technorati Tags: animal, exotic, reptile, SCORPION, SCORPIONS, snake, snakes, SPIDER, SPIDERS

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Kitten Massage Therapy

*please spay or neuter your pets and encourage others to do the same. Help save millions of animals from a precarious existence…peace. For more info, visit VOKRA and Canadian Federation of Humane Societies: On a whole other note, … Continue reading

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